Friday, May 23, 2014

Painting For Grandma Liz

As I mentioned in my previous post, Daxton's actual birthday falls on the anniversary of Grandma Liz's passing (Dallas's mom.)  Considering that Daxton was 6 weeks early, I find this another one of Heavenly Father's tender mercies.  It brakes my heart that I was never able to meet Liz and even more so that Daxton won't be able to know her in this life.  Dallas has slowly started to open up about his mom over the years.  I know he thinks about her often, but vocalizing those memories and feelings causes a lot of pain in him still.  We both feel it's important, though, that Daxton knows his grandma.  So we started a tradition on Daxton's do a fun activity that reminds us of Grandma Liz.  Dallas has often mentioned how creative and talented his mom was.  We even have two of her water colors displayed in our house.  Since Daxton got several fun art supplies for his birthday, we decided to give them a try in honor of his grandma.

I know people probably think I'm crazy for letting a two year old paint freely on a white fence, but the paints were washable Crayola brand and absolutely amazing!  The paint came off with a simple wet wipe.  Not to mention it rains in Florida often enough, that the paint simply washes away.  Wearing only his Huggies diaper, I gave Daxton several paint brushes, colors, and let him explore.  He was actually really great about staying on the paper for the most part.  There were a few times where his strokes got rather large and wandered off onto the fence but never intentionally.  It was so much fun stepping back and watching him release his creativity.  Daxton was very methodical about the whole process, not wanting to mix colors in the bowl, stepping back to look at his art before choosing the next color, and carefully applying each stroke.  I couldn't help but think Grandma Liz was standing there right next to him, loving every minute as well!

I loved how serious his furrowed eyebrows were the whole time!

At one point he went to sit down in front of his painting and ended up sitting right in the middle of two paint bowls.  It was pretty cute to see his reaction and especially his cute painted diaper after.

After 30 minutes of painting, Daxton decided that paper wasn't quite enough, so he began to paint on mommy's legs.  He was very serious about it, so I had to make sure to hold in my laughter.  Who would have thought he'd be such a serious artist!?  After he was done, it only took a few wet wipes to clean off his chubby colorful hands.

Looking at his colorful feet...
What an amazing blessing this little two year old is in my life!  His mommy and daddy love him very much.  He is blessed to have two sets of grandparents who are so loving, generous, and supportive on this earth.  And even more blessed to have an angel Grandma watching over him daily.    

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