Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma Perkins Visit: Pompano Beach

The following day of Grandpa and Grandma Perkins' visit was Sunday, so in order to try our best at keeping the sabbath day holy, our trip to the beach was for playing in the sand only.  We had an enjoyable Sunday at church and then drove up to Pompano Beach to relax and watch the sunset.  Daxton is in heaven with anything sand and ocean related and had a blast all afternoon.

It was such a relaxing afternoon.  Daxton had so much fun playing with daddy, grandpa, and grandma.  He especially loved building sand castles.  Daxton would spend all day at the beach if I let him...and I often do!

Once again showing how hard it is to get a toddler to look at the camera...

I love this picture of Dallas and his daddy.

We found a random ball in the sand and it became an immediate game of soccer/hackysack.  Daxton just loved chasing after daddy and grandpa.

Trying desperately to get a mommy and son picture...to no avail!
He's my crazy little buddy!

Just a few of my favorite shots from our afternoon at Pompano Beach...

Love his little footprints!

One of my absolute favorites and a picture of the week.
I love his little fingers and toes in the sand.

Finally a successful family picture!

This pretty much sums up perfection in my eyes...
Daxton's cute little face looking at daddy relaxing on a gorgeous beach as the sun goes down.
I really do LOVE living here!
(And remind you, this was at the end of January!)

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