Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pinwheels for Liam

January 3rd marked the one year anniversary of little Liam's birth.
Last year I wrote a blog post dedicated to our sweet angel which you can read about here.  For his anniversary, my younger brother, Richard, and his wife, Leisha, asked us to take pictures with pinwheels (our symbol for Liam.)  Whenever I see a pinwheel, I love that I think of little Liam and the fun things he is probably doing in heaven.  I've tried to introduce Daxton to pinwheels as much as possible as well.  I know he and Liam will be great little buddies someday.  I love watching the joy on Daxton's face when the pinwheels start turning and imagine that same smile while playing with little Liam.

I couldn't think of a better place to remember Liam than the beach.  So Dallas, Daxton, and I brought our favorite pinwheel and headed  for Pompano Beach.  It was kind of gray and rainy when we left, but by the time we arrived the clouds had cleared.  Daxton LOVED playing with the pinwheel in the car.  The smile on his face below says it all!

Liam was definitely with us!
There was a nice breeze as we explored the pier and played in the sand.  

I love watching these two interact!
There is always lots of giggling and goofing off when daddy is around!  I also loved how quickly the pinwheel was spinning.  It turned out beautiful in the pictures.

Such a smiley, handsome, little man!

After exploring the pier, watching the fisherman, and chasing birds, we made our way down to the sand.  We had a blast building sand castles and running in the waves.

I absolutely LOVE the picture below.

Dallas was such a sweetheart and came up with this idea.  I love how he used the pinwheel for the "i".  It was a little difficult trying to get Daxton to not jump in the letters til after we snapped a picture!  
Daxton's using some serious strength in the picture below!

I loved Richard and Leisha's idea of spending a day as a family simply remembering sweet Liam.  Obviously he is always in our thoughts, but it was fun to create family memories exclusively for our perfect angel Liam.  

Over the past year, I have been truly humbled by the examples of both my brothers and their wives.  They have found such strength in the gospel and the knowledge that we are sealed for eternity as a family.  Both Richard and Leisha have continually found ways to remember and include Liam in their daily lives.  Their strength and faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, is truly inspiring.

It was an honor to help remember Liam's perfect spirit and his addition to our eternal family.  We will forever think of little Liam when we see pinwheels!

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