Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Buddies and Birthdays

At the beginning of January Daxton's best buddy, Julian, turned 2.  It is pretty funny to watch toddlers play together.  They don't interact much, unless one is playing with a cool toy and the other wants it as well.  But they do parallel play with each other and love to be in each other's company.  Julian's party was at a fun neighborhood park, so there was lots for kids of all ages to do.  When we arrived, Julian's family was unloading their car, so Daxton gave Julian his present a little early.  Then they both got a wagon ride to the party.  I love watching them play!

Everyone brought lots of fun bikes and wagons to the park to share, so Daxton was in heaven.  The bottom right picture made him look so grown up!  We were super excited that the party fell on a Saturday so daddy could join us as well.  We love all the time we can get with daddy!

I was glad Dallas was there to help with the playground.  I tend to be the obnoxious worried mom hovering at Daxton's ankles, always nervous he's going to fall and brake his arm.  So it was nice to have daddy in charge of watching him.  He's much more normal and less high strung!  It was fun to watch Daxton explore and try new things and I just kept thinking how grown up he looked.
(Not to mention he was wearing my favorite shirt)

Danny brought a rope for the kids to play tug-o-war.  It was so funny to watch Julian and Daxton try to join in with the bigger kids.  They all had so much fun and there were lots of squeals and giggling that took place throughout the morning.
Can you find Julian and Daxton in the pile of kids!?

Alex is super creative and made the cutest cakes for Julian.  They have a lot of family in the area and had a couple sheet cakes for everyone as well.  I loved watching Daxton's face light up as Alex placed the car cakes on the table.  
Julian's such a sweetheart and I'm so glad that Daxton has such a great friend.  We loved being able to celebrate with everyone!
Happy birthday, Julian!

Before and after chocolate cake...

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