Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reynolds Come For A Quick Valentines Visit...

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, one of the best things about living here is being so close to a major cruise port and vacation spot so people want to come visit!  We first met Brad and Sarah Reynolds when we lived in the Bay area.  We were only able to spend a fun year with them before Brad accepted a job that took them to Houston.  Sarah is easily one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.  We became immediate friends, went on play dates with our little ones, ran errands together, and even had slumber parties.  It's funny to me that we only lived next door to each other for a year, because it seems like I've known her forever.  She's an incredible wife, mother, and friend.  I count myself as one of the luckiest to call her a dear friend.  Now if only we could live in the same state again!

Brad's parents, siblings and their wives, all planned to take a week-long cruise through the Caribbean as a family.  Dallas had been traveling in West Virginia for work and with all the snowstorms during February, was delayed for four days.  He was super sad to not get the chance to see Brad and Sarah, but I was grateful for the company during a rather lonely few days!  Their trip also happened to land over Valentine's day, so Daxton became my date for the weekend.

After picking up Brad and Sarah from the airport, I immediately drove them to the Fort Lauderdale beach to watch the sunset.  It was funny to see how quickly Daxton fell in love with Brad.  He was obviously missing his daddy a lot with Dad being gone for so long and Brad was such a sweetheart to play with Dax.  Brad and Sarah had left their two children with Sarah's parents in Texas, so they were both more than happy to play with a crazy toddler.

It was so amazing to have them in town.  I absolutely adore them and am so grateful for Sarah's sweet influence in my life.  We laid down a blanket in the sand and Brad let Sarah and I chat away the afternoon while he chased after Daxton.  It was SO good to catch up with her and hear all about their two little ones Leah and Shawn.  Like I mentioned wish is to live in the same state with her again!
The weather was perfect, as always, and we enjoyed a fun evening playing in the sand and waves.  I couldn't quite grasp the idea that daddy was stuck in snowstorms up north when everything was sunny in Florida!

I swear we were sisters in another life!

Obviously Daxton loves the sand, but I had never seen him simply lay his face in it, til this evening!

I'm still in awe of how close we are to beaches like this.  We had so much fun running through the sand and waves, although I did get tired of trying to stop Daxton from face diving into the ocean waves with no swimsuit on!

I loved how small his little footprints were next to mine.

Since Dallas was supposed to be home three days prior, I had decorated for Valentines day; heart attacking our home with sweet notes and yummy candy.  Sadly he was not home until a couple days after, so that night Sarah, Brad, Daxton, and I had a pizza party and watched Austenland while chomping on yummy M&Ms.  They were sweet to share the Valentine's holiday with this "single" mommy!  

Like I mentioned before, Daxton immediately fell in love with Brad.  They were pretty cute together, wrestling and playing games.  Sarah caught this cute picture of them playing the piano together.  Thanks again, Brad, for being so kind to my little man who was greatly missing his daddy!  When Dallas finally got home a few days later, exhausted and relieved to be reunited with his family, this little man could not have been happier!  Dallas had a mini shadow at his ankles for at least a couple days.  He sure does love his daddy and vice versa! 

Grandpa and Grandma Adams sent a fun package for Valentine's day which Daxton loved.  The card came with a stretchy bracelet which he refused to take off for days, he loved his first taste of a fruit-by-the-foot, and I loved the chocolate!
Thanks for thinking of us, Grandma and Grandpa!
Refusing to take off his bracelet...

Even though it was hard to be separated from Dallas for so long, we ended up having a great Valentine's Day.  It was so great to see the Reynolds again.  I love them so much and am so grateful for their friendship.  I wish we lived closer so Sarah and I could go on weekly play dates and she could teach me how to be domestic!  I swear that girl has more talent than she possibly knows what to do with.  I love her dearly.
Thanks again for coming to visit!
It was much too short, so let's plan a rendezvous in Pensacola or Destin soon!

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  1. That was a fun trip, and a great way to start off our vacation. I wish Dallas hadn't been stuck away the whole time, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless. One of these days we're hoping to scrounge up enough funds to come and visit you guys again, this time with the kids!


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