Friday, July 24, 2015

Aaron and Yolanda Visit--Miami Waterfront

After spending the morning exploring the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, we brought Aaron and Yolanda to Bayside Harbor on the Miami Waterfront.  We had been there a few times and had always had a blast people watching and experiencing a bit of the Cuban culture.  It was the perfect location to spend an afternoon with great music, dancing, and yummy food.

There are several fun shops throughout Bayside Harbor, but we were mostly there for the entertainment.  It took about 5 minutes for us to gravitate towards the live outdoor music.  Dallas was a sweetheart and got us fun smoothies while we watched the festivities.  The grey skies parted and turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon.

There was a live Latin band playing with several of the locals dancing in front of the stage.  Both Aaron and Yolanda speak Spanish and were in heaven with all the Latin influences in south Florida.  Yolanda hopped at the chance to show off her dancing skills.  Once again I wish I could remember how to post videos, because Yolanda can dance!  I can't remember which country her partner said he was from, but he was incredible as well and had her twirling all over the dance floor.  He and his friends were pretty shocked when they found out she was Indian, not Latin.

Just some of the amazing people watching we were able to see...
Gotta love the Miami Crazy flavor!

After a few more songs, we made our way down the harbor to a yummy group of ethnic restaurants, right on the water, for lunch/dinner.  The views of the harbor were gorgeous with beautiful yachts and the Miami skyline in the distance.

Family pics in front of Miami's harbor...
Gotta love Dallas's crazy curls!

Daxton had a blast exploring Bayside Harbor and loved the extra attention from Yolanda.

Looking out into the harbor
I love all those colors!
We ate at the yummiest Argentinian place, with fried plantains, black beans, rice, and bbq pulled chicken.  My tummy was extremely happy!

Do you think he has any clue how amazing his life is??

Since we had a couple little ones in tow, we left Miami early evening, before the REAL crazies came out ;)  We had so much fun showing Aaron and Yolanda the exciting and beautiful aspects of such a fun city.  It was a good day.

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