Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Road Trip to Raleigh for Megan's Wedding

The second week of January, our little family drove up the east coast to Raleigh, North Carolina for our cousin's wedding.  It was a tricky time to get away for Dallas since busy season had just started, but we really wanted to help Megan celebrate her big day and see the Whitt side of the family.  We decided to drive up to Raleigh together as a family and then have Dallas fly home the day after the wedding.  That way he wouldn't miss any work and we would save money on all the airline tickets.  This left Daxton and I the opportunity to spend more time with family and enjoy a slow road trip down the coastline home.

Our trip started great and this perfectly seasoned little traveler smiled, laughed, sang, and watched shows the entire 12 hr drive.  Nothing better than looking in the back seat to find a sticky covered smile giggling at you.

My cousin, Greg, and his little family also live in Raleigh and were so kind to let us stay with them.  They also watched Daxton while we were at the temple and reception.  A big THANK YOU to Greg and Heidi for babysitting!
Greg brought Daxton over to the temple after the sealing so the rest of the family could see Dax.  It was the first time us Floridians had felt real cold in awhile, but this sweetheart was a trooper and kept warm by running around the temple grounds.  Everyone loved his golden locks bouncing everywhere...especially Grandpa Whitt :)

Top left: Uncle Scott, Grandpa Whitt, Uncle Sam, Uncle Steve, and Dallas.  He definitely resembles the Whitt's side with the dark hair and brows.  Bottom Right: Dallas with his cousin Daniel.  Dallas's cousins Abby, Daniel, Michael, and Michael's wife Kristin.

Running to stay warm
Love that little red nose!

The Raleigh temple was beautiful.
It is such an incredible feeling being in the celestial room surrounded by family.

Megan looked STUNNING!
It was so much fun seeing both her and Brandt so happy together.  They are such a sweet couple and we are so glad that they were sealed in the temple for eternity.
The happy couple

Seriously, what a gorgeous bride!
Aunt Tracy, Megan, and Uncle Sam

Megan's family
Daniel, Abby, Aunt Tracy, Megan, Brandt, Uncle Sam, Michael, and Kristin

That night there was a reception for Megan and Brandt.  Greg and Heidi were sweethearts to babysit Dax so we could enjoy the dinner and dance.  I was so distracted on having fun and enjoying the evening that I hardly took any pictures.  Every detail was so beautiful.  We loved being able to spend time with family and celebrate Megan and Brandt's special day!

Daxton didn't even realize we were gone.
He had a blast playing with Tommy and Heidi for the day.  I loved getting any and all snuggles I could out of little Tommy between the wedding and reception.
I'm so glad we were able to figure out a way to make it to Megan's wedding.  We are so happy for them and know they are going to have an incredible life together.  We loved getting the chance to spend time with family!

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