Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Richard's Family Visits: Day One--Water Taxi

After spending the morning at Butterfly World and then the afternoon at Pompano Beach, we took everyone to the Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale for an evening out on the water.  These kids were serious troopers to have such a packed day and still be in good spirits!  We parked next to the Briny Restaurant, took the necessary shark pictures, and then caught the water taxi heading down river.

Daxton LOVES to be on the water.  The kids had fun sticking their heads over the side watching for fish and other water animals.

We were able to see tons of multimillion dollar mansions and several gorgeous yachts along our 40 minute ride through the New River and then the Intercoastal.  

Daxton LOVES his Auntie Leisha!

We got off at the 15th street Fisheries for dinner and a bit more fun.  Before dinner we bought some frozen shrimp to feed the school of giant tarpon off the pier.  This is one of Daxton's favorite activities. He loves watching the fish jump out of the water as the shrimp are thrown.  It was so fun to watch Emma and Nora's reaction to the giant feeding frenzy.  They weren't too excited about handling the frozen shrimp though.

Daxton loved throwing in the frozen shrimp and squealed with delight every time the fish would jump.  On a side note...he did amazing at making sure to stay on his belly or holding someone's hand while out on the dock.

We had a yummy dinner with no whining or complaining from the little ones, so it was a big success.  After dinner it did take forever for another water taxi to pick us up since there were several needing maintenance.  I was super impressed that the kids did so well even though we were all exhausted and ready to get home.
Butterfly World, Pompano Beach, Water Taxi, and 15th Street Fisheries...all in one day...
We were tired, but had a ton of fun!

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