Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day to Day in January...

January was full of many fun memories.  Like I posted earlier, we were able to drive up to Raleigh, North Carolina for Dallas's cousin's wedding.  Daxton and I were able to spend some time with my cousin Greg and his family.  Then we were able to take a fun road trip, just the two of us, down the coastlines of South Carolina, Georgia, and then Florida.  Our trip took up a couple weeks of January, but the rest of the month was filled with fun as well.

For Christmas, Dallas got me tickets to see "The Lion King", one of my favorites.  We were even seated in box seats directly below the rhythm section so I could see all the different drummers.  I loved it, once again!

We were also able to meet up with our Aunt, Uncle, and cousins for a fun beach day before school started again.  We had a blast playing in the waves, digging in the sand, and building sand castles.

Dallas dug a big hole for Daxton to jump in which quickly filled with water.  This made it all the more fun while jumping in and out.

It was gorgeous watching the sun go down as these crazies played in the sand.  We have quite the beach bum on our hands.  Daxton was in pure heaven splashing, digging, and running around.

While I was relaxing in a chair, I looked over and saw Dallas hard at work digging a little down the beach.  It took me a minute to figure out what he was making.  Quickly I realized that he was shaping a giant pinwheel for little Liam.  I love how sensitive and caring Dallas is.  I didn't even ask him or mention that the anniversary of baby Liam was the following day.  He and Daxton tried to decorate the different parts of the pinwheel before I snapped a picture.  My nephew, Liam, was born sleeping two years prior.  I loved how Dallas was able to show Richard and Leisha that we were sending our love all the way from Florida and keeping Liam's memory alive.

After the fun afternoon/evening at the beach we rinsed off before heading out to dinner with our family.  Daxton loved the showers almost as much as the beach! 

Other highlights from January...
My little pirate helping in the kitchen

Playdates with great buddies and being introduced to the Ziggle

Playdates at Young At Art Museum with his best buddy, Ayla

These two quickly became inseparable and the cutest little duo! 
Ayla and Daxton had so much fun at Young At Art!
They loved all the different hands on art stations and places for them to explore.

They also loved the sand pit where they used strainers and shovels to dig for treasure.  They played so well together and kept each other giggling all morning.

As I was shopping at Target one day, I looked down at this crazy mop of curls and decided it was time...

Dallas came home from work that day and buzzed all those gorgeous curls right off.  It was CRAZY how quickly that sweet boy aged.  Dallas wanted to keep the midway mullet, but I was a lame and made him cut it off.

Finished product...
He was too grown up!

In January we also had to retire his old rain boots and these hideous things are what he chose to replace the former...
Green and orange dragon boots :(
He was pretty excited about his new gardening gloves and tools as well.

The big excitement for January was Daxton starting swim lessons at Just Swim school with Coach Nicole.  Luckily no one else signed up for the same time slot, so Daxton got private lessons for a couple months.  He was not too excited the first couple weeks, but slowly started to enjoy himself.  Now we can't keep him out of the water!

Showing mom his flippers for class.  Yes, he wore those stinking boots everywhere!

Getting used to the water with Coach Nicole

Me and my little buddy celebrating his swimming success at lunch.
Overall January was a pretty fun filled month!

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