Friday, July 24, 2015

Richard's Family Visits--Day 5: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Our fifth day of adventures with my little brother's family was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  We decided to split up for the morning.  Richard and Leisha took the girls to Epcot for the morning and we slept in and took our time getting to Hollywood Studios.  It felt so good to rest for the morning after such an exhausting and long day at Magic Kingdom the day before.  

Our one group shot we got of everyone together.

Richard and Leisha didn't get to Hollywood Studios till the afternoon, so we spent the late morning exploring on our own.  We started with the Extreme Stunt Show which had several different cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles doing different stunts.  At one point Lightning McQueen even comes out which Daxton got super excited about.

Just some of the fun stunts performed by the different drivers.

Checking out the small lake that caught fire after the show with daddy.  I loved watching these two little buddies talk about everything they saw.  It's crazy how quickly this little man is growing.

After the Extreme Stunt show, we made our way through the Streets of America where we were able to see the Cinderella carriage from the latest remake of the fairy tale.  The intricate detailing was pretty incredible to see in person.

Walking through the Streets of America.
Dallas may or may not have gotten a little mopey as he passed the San Francisco backdrop...

As we walked by the Scy-Fi Dine In Restaurant the boys took a few minutes to play in the outdoor car.  Daxton started giggling right away and pretended he was steering the car.

Right before lunch we found the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area.  I have to admit that it took me about 2 minutes for my claustrophobia to kick into hyperdrive.  There were so many crazy kids and parents walking around inside.  There were also SEVERAL places for little ones to get lost.  Luckily Dallas was a trooper and climbed up and in all the different places Daxton wanted to go.  Daxton was much smaller than a lot of the other kids playing around, but it didn't seem to bother him.  I ended up taking all of our belongings and waited for them right outside of the exit.  It was WAY to crazy for me, that's for sure!

I snapped a few quick pics before I went totally crazy...

Even though there are not a lot of rides at Hollywood Studios that Daxton enjoys, there are TONS of characters that he loves.  All of the Pixar characters are located solely at Hollywood Studios, so it was worth the visit just to see him meet all his buddies for the first time.

Meeting Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc
He loved giving Sully a big hug, but was SUPER awkward when he went to give Mike a hug.  It was pretty funny!

That's one proud little boy!

Family picture with Mike and Sully

After meeting Mike and Sully, we made our way down the Pixar alley for fast passes to Midway Mania.  It was our first time riding it and even though Daxton LOVES toy story, it wasn't his favorite.  He wasn't a huge fan of the 3d glasses and it was pretty jerky; throwing him around a bit more than he liked.  Daxton and Dallas rode on one side of the ride, while I was on the other side on my own.  I have to admit, I loved it!  It was super fun to focus on my target practice and simply enjoy the ride.

After Toy Story Mania, we walked outside to find several of the army guys from the movie 'Toy Story' wandering around Pixar alley.  Daxton immediately ran after them and soon he was marching around the alley holding their hands.  It was pretty cute!  He even saluted for a quick picture.

We also got super lucky because the wait time to meet Buzz and Woody was less than 15 minutes long.  Even though we had met Buzz the day before, Daxton was super excited to give him another hug. 

Exploring in Pixar Alley

We met up with Richard, Leisha, and the girls in the Disney Junior area to meet some characters and see the Disney Junior show.  We caught a quick glimpse of Baymax and Hiro, before waiting in line to meet Sophia and Jake (characters from Disney Junior shows.)

Daxton was so silly when meeting Jake and Sophia.  They were both so sweet with him.  He gave them hugs, high fives, and even danced a little with each one.  Daxton was on cloud nine!

The best was when Sophia pointed to her cheek.  Daxton immediately saw her and gave her a big kiss on her cheek.  She reacted so great!  You can see from the picture below that Daxton was pretty proud of himself.

Having a blast during the Disney Junior show
The kids all loved the part where gold doubloons fall from the ceiling and they got to dance to the music.

We split up again for the evening festivities since Dallas and I wanted to see the Fantasmic show while Richard's family wanted to do the Frozen Sing Along.  Daxton passed out in his stroller on the way to Fantasmic, so Dallas was a trooper and carried him all the way to the stadium.  I LOVED Fantasmic at Disneyland and the one at Disney World is very similar, with only a few small changes and additions.  One thing I totally forgot to anticipate was how scary and dark some of the scenes and music are.  Daxton was super freaked out in some parts and even cried for a bit.  Luckily it's loud enough that it didn't distract anyone around us, but I felt horrible that he was so scared.  He curled up into daddy's chest for a good portion of the show.  It ends wonderfully with all the characters happy and dancing along with fun music and fireworks, which helped Daxton not be so nervous.
We met up with my brother again after both shows were finished so Dallas could say goodbye to them.  He had to go back to work super early the next morning, but the rest of us stayed for another couple days of Disney parks.

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