Friday, July 24, 2015

Day to Day in February

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, February was our month of visitors.  Out of the 28 days that month, we had visitors staying with us for 20 of those days.  I LOVED every minute of hosting!  In-between visitors we somehow managed to squeeze in a bit of family fun as well.

For Valentine's Day Dallas surprised me with tickets to Ingrid Michaelson.  I used to go to concerts religiously; so many that I couldn't even pretend to recall or count them.  But since having Daxton, I really hadn't been to many.  Life's priorities have changed a bit, you could say.
The concert was in a small club and bar in Fort Lauderdale, standing room only, where we had a blast!  It was so much fun to go out with Dallas and feel young again...or realize how old we've gotten :)  We danced, I sang along as loudly as possible, and he laughed at my obnoxiousness.
It was a perfect evening.

Other highlights from February (excluding all our visitors)...
Daxton's private swim lessons were slowly taking off.  He didn't cry anymore while taking him to lessons and he felt more comfortable putting that cute face under water.  He also quickly fell in love with his new swim fins.
He loves his Coach Nicole!

We also tried to use his big boy potty.
He pooped once and didn't want to use it again...He obviously wasn't ready to be potty trained yet.

Daxton also loved playing on the small playground next to our house, snuggling with mommy, and helping Tiffy hide scary stuffed toys all over the house for mommy to find...

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