Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Richard's Family Visits--Day Three: Downtown Disney

I've been slowing catching up on all of our adventures this year so far.  Currently, we are to the first few days of February when my little brother, Richard, and his family came to visit.
Yes...I'm writing about events from February...I'm a bit behind.

After spending a couple fun-filled days exploring south Florida, we all moved the party north to Orlando.  For our third day of adventures, I sent Richard and Leisha up to Orlando on their own to explore Universal Studio's Harry Potter World while Dallas and I watched Emma and Nora.  Since Dallas was working most of the day, we took our time heading up to Orlando.  That evening we met up with Richard and Leisha at Downtown Disney for shopping and dinner.

The kids having fun with 'Buzz Lightyear'

We were originally going to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, but the line was much too long, so we played in the gift shop for a few minutes before settling on a quicker restaurant a few shops down.  While we were playing in Rainforest Cafe, I lost sight of Dallas and Daxton for a minute.  A few minutes later I looked over at the photo booth and saw this...

Needless to say, these goofballs had a blast in the Photo Booth and I got to watch all the strangers looking on as they oohed and awed at how cute the duo was.  It made me happy :)
I love these boys so much!

Whenever we go to Downtown Disney, we spend hours playing with all of the toys.  There are rows after rows of toys just calling our names.  I love it because Dax plays with everything and then puts it back on the shelf when he's done.  No melt downs and no actual money spent = happy mom and dad!

Goofing off in the different toy shops

Dallas was a saint and took Daxton on the Carousel, because he knew how sick they make me.  I love the picture he snapped of Daxton below with that big boy smile.

To finish off our fun evening, we all headed over to the outdoor nighttime dance party.  I wish I could remember how to post videos, because Daxton was totally hilarious that night!  He literally didn't stop moving for almost an hour as we danced to several different songs.  He was quite entertaining and very exhausting at the same time.  Dallas got on the dance floor and showed off his killer dance moves as well.

The dance party was totally up Emma and Nora's alley as well!  They both had some awesome moves and had a blast dancing the night away.  Leisha wasn't too bad herself!
Day three of our adventures was another success and the perfect introduction to the blast we'd have at Disney over the next few days.

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