Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Richard's Family Visits: Day One--Pompano Beach

Continuing on with our Day One adventures while my little brother Richard and his family were in town visiting the first week of February...

After spending the morning exploring Butterfly World, we quickly grabbed lunch and headed to Pompano Beach.  We weren't planning on spending a ton of time there since the temperature seemed a bit chilly for a beach day.  You know I've become quite pampered when I consider 74 degrees to be a 'bit chilly' for me to want to swim.  We brought our sand toys and beach chairs for a fun afternoon.  Thankfully, we also brought swimsuits for the kids as well, because it took them all of 5 minutes before they were asking to jump in the water.

Love this picture of Dax.  He looks so grown up in his plaid shirt.  I also love that he is checking out the sand that had fallen in his diaper. 

We enjoyed a yummy picnic before letting the kids loose.  They loved digging in the soft sand.

Like I mentioned above, it was not long before the kids were begging to get in their suits and play in the waves.  I LOVED watching Emma and those long legs jump over and over.  The look of absolute joy on her face is amazing!

We were able to get one group picture of everyone before the kids ran back into the waves.  I loved listening to them squeal as they ran back and forth.

They loved rolling on the sand and pretending they were little crabs and other animals crawling on the beach.

These next few pictures make my heart melt.
There's nothing more amazing than seeing your children bond with family.  The absolute hardest thing about living in Florida is being so far away from my family.  I so wish that Daxton could play with his cousins frequently like I got to growing up.  I loved hearing them laugh, play, and squeal with each other.  Emma and Nora were so sweet with Daxton.  I loved how they would all three hold hands and run into the ocean waves, often times tripping and falling down together.

So many hugs!!

We had a great afternoon playing in the waves at Pompano Beach, but we still had one more activity for our first day's adventures...

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