Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: Dating in the City

(I'm posting this earlier than Friday, since several family members will be flying into visit for the weekend.  We are having Daxton's baby blessing on Sunday, so things will be a bit crazy over the next few days.)

Dallas and I's whole relationship was long distance before we got married.  In a previous Flashback Friday Dallas wrote about how we met and then got engaged.  It was a difficult few months having to travel back and forth between Utah and California, but obviously it was so worth it.  Since Dallas was working insane hours Monday-Friday, it was easier for me to fly out to the Bay area after I finished work on Friday afternoon.  That way he could work til late Friday evening when my flights would get in.  Luckily Dallas and I were able to visit each other at least 2-3 weekends each month.  It was pretty funny, I started to feel like a commuter, flying the same flights from Salt Lake to Oakland.  Consequently, I became friends with a group of older construction workers whom all lived in the bay area, but would work in Utah during the week.  They would always ask me updates on how things were going with Dallas and I, wanting to know all the juicy details.  When I told them we were engaged and showed them the ring, they started celebrating right there in the airport.  Nothing like a group of burly, bearded, construction workers wishing you the best on your engagement!

Because it was so hard not being in the same state with Dallas, we totally lived it up when we were finally together.  Dallas always had something fun planned for the weekend, whether it was crazy adventures in the city, relaxing days at the beach, or visiting family and friends in the area.  I always looked forward and counted down the days til I could be with him again.

This Flashback Friday is one of those fun weekends described above.  It was the last weekend in April 2008 and Dallas' best friends, John and Tiffany, were also in town visiting.  We spent a gorgeous day in San Francisco with them.
Friday night Dallas picked me up from the airport and we headed into the city for a romantic dinner at a yummy Moroccan restaurant.  He's pretty amazing with picking the best places to eat that are totally authentic.
Saturday morning we met up with his best friend from college, John, and his wife, Tiffany.  We decided to do an entire day of San Francisco touristy sites.  Of course we had to start our day at the Golden Gate Bridge.
It's funny looking back at these pictures.  I'm sure John and Tiffany were thinking we were totally crazy.  Basically we were two dorks crazy about each other, which means that we climbed on everything and giggled for pretty much the whole day.  I'm positive we were great company!
After the Golden Gate Bridge we drove over to one of my favorite places in the city, the Palace of Fine Arts.  It was such a gorgeous day so we had a blast walking around the grounds and goofing off among the pillars.
The Palace of Fine Arts is located right on the marina, so when we were done exploring, we made our way to Pier 39 a few miles up the road.  We caught the most gorgeous sunset, watched the stinky sea lions, talked and laughed while making our way through all the different shops along Pier 39.
After watching the sunset along the pier, we made our way up to Union Square for a later dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macys.  I somehow convinced Dallas to pose in front of the famous hearts that surround Union Square.
It was such a fun weekend with John and Tiffany.  They are such great people and were a perfect example for us on how we wanted our relationship to be.

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