Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo of the Week 35

I remember taking this while in the NICU with little Daxton.  I was scared, worried, emotional, overwhelmed with love, and all I wanted to do was hold him.  I hated all the wires attached to him.  I hated the IV on his hand and then later his foot.  I jumped at each sound from the monitors, afraid his breathing had stopped again or his heart rate was irregular.
Looking back at this image, it all feels like a dream.
It's been over a month since we brought him home.  He's healthy, happy, and chubby.  Being more detached from the experience in the NICU, I find myself fascinated with this picture.  It has an eery beauty to it.
I'm so grateful for the amazing care he received while in the NICU, but I wouldn't mind if we never had to go back again.

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