Friday, March 22, 2013

9, 10, 11 months old!

Wow, the time is flying by!
Daxton will turn one next week and I'm having mixed feelings about the whole thing.  Can my baby really be growing up this quickly?  And yet each new phase has been so much fun to watch and interact with him.  I sure do love our little guy.

(Birth to 9 months)

Some huge milestones over the past few months include LOTS of teeth; 6 to be exact.  I'm sure he's cutting more since the drool never seems to stop.  It's been so much fun to watch him try new foods and use his little chompers.  He loves puffs, grahm crackers, cheerios, cooked green beans, carrots, corn, black beans, avocado, pasta, string cheese, bread, and yogurt.  He's a great little eater and he will now drink from a sippie cup as well.  He loves sitting in his high chair and dangling his legs free (we have a highchair that connects to the table.)

(Birth to 10 months)

Another big milestone is he is talking all the time.  He is constantly having conversations with himself and those around him.  He says "momma" and "dada" although I'm not sure that he's connected us to those syllables quite yet.  He also LOVES singing. He will stop everything if he hears music.  He taps his toes along and starts jabbering with the beat.  It's pretty funny to watch.  He also loves playing the piano and the "table" drums.

(Birth to 11 months)
Look at all those teeth!

One of the biggest milestones, though, is his mobility.  He is crawling really well now, rolling and sitting up on his own, and is starting to pull himself up onto objects.  We are starting the slow process of baby proofing our apartment.  He loves being able to get to the things that he wants now and especially loves to slide himself backwards on the hardwood floors.  He continues to love his jumper and will jump so high that it has bounced off the ground a couple times.  I'm dreading the day when he learns to run, but at least it will help with the weight loss efforts with having to catch up with him!

The time is moving too quickly.
There are times that I wish I could freeze time and just hold him in my arms; snuggling him close.  But I'm also loving each new phase of his life.  I love how curious and observant he is.  I love taking him on adventures and introducing him to the world around him.  He is a huge sponge just soaking up knowledge and it's so exciting to watch.

He's blessed our lives in more ways than we could ever say.  His joy and bright eyes lift my spirits daily and I find myself overwhelmed with the countless blessings we've been given.  Thank you for being our perfect, angel baby, sweetheart!

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  1. That is such a beautiful post! He is such a handsome little one. I see why you are so proud. He is a reflection of you and Dallas though. Keep up the amazing efforts. :) we love you!


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