Friday, March 15, 2013

Adventures with Janelle...Girls Day Out

I loved my "Girls Day Out" with my friend Tracy so much, that I decided to plan another one for when Janelle was in town.  I've found that it is sometimes quite hard to not be distracted by little Daxton while hanging out with friends.  Don't get me wrong, I love taking him to fun places and introducing him to the world around him, but when I want to have just girl time talking about life and what not, my little man can be a bit distracting.  I got a babysitter for the day, whom he adores, so he had tons of fun.  Janelle and I went to a matinee movie, out to lunch, and then shopping.  It was such a perfect day and reminded us of all the fun we used to have together when I lived in Utah.

When we got back Daxton was very excited to see us...or should I say, Janelle.  He couldn't wait to get his playmate back! 

Janelle had plans to meet up with one of her mission companions for dinner that night, so after she left Daxton was a bit sad...
Although he may have been bored with mommy watching a depressing episode of Downton was probably a little of both!

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