Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Little Brother's Getting Married!

My little brother, Stuart, is getting married in April.
We are all so excited for him, especially after meeting his fiancee, Angelica.  She's such a sweetheart and is so patient with all of his funny quirks.  It's been so much fun to see them together and get to see our Stuart actually show affection!  We can't wait for their big day and are excited to join them in Salt Lake for the festivities soon.

My older brother, Erik, is designing their wedding announcements, so Stuart and Angelica flew out to the Bay area for a fun weekend of photo shoots in January.  It was a quick weekend with needing to be back for their classes, but we loved being able to hang out with them and get to know Angelica a little better.

Angelica's on the BYU women's soccer team, which pretty much makes her "The Cat's Meow" to our nephew Lincoln.  When Links found out that they would be in town for one of his soccer games, he couldn't wait to show off some of his soccer skills.  Since his game was a couple hours away, Dallas and I came over to watch the rest of the kids, while Stuart and Angelica traveled with Erik, Heather, and Lincoln to his game.  Before they left, we thought it'd be funny to get a picture of them with little Olive and Daxton...just a little preview into their upcoming life events.  What cute parents they'll be in a few years!
Will had Daxton's name for Christmas and this shirt was one of the gifts he chose.  You can pretty much tell it's PRICELESS!  Nothing like a baby with chest hair to make you smile.  We figured it would be the perfect shirt to have Daxton wear as we babysat everyone.
"Really mom, more pictures!?"
I love how his little chompers are showing in the picture below!
My two little guys.
Daxton loves his cousin Will and I'm sure will learn a lot of priceless things from him in the future!
While babysitting, we took Rulon, Ellis, Will, and Daxton on an "adventure" around their neighborhood.  They showed us a fun rope swing over a cute little stream, their bamboo forest, a 'troll' bridge, and we ended at their local park.  We had a blast goofing off with them.
We climbed under the 'troll' bridge to throw rocks and look for bugs.
Daxton just watched curiously from his stroller and chewed on his toys.
Clayton is such a cute little town and has several beautiful walking paths.  We had so much fun exploring all the different trails on our way to the park.
The local park is downtown Clayton and has a fun children's statue at the beginning of it.  Rulon and Ellis had a blast showing me how to climb across the tops of the statue without falling.  They also showed me that one of the statues had a CTR ring on it's finger.  Pretty cool!

I absolutely LOVE Will's facial expressions!
Daxton wasn't so sure about the swings.  This was his first time and was still trying to figure out the balance.  He was also very interested in watching all the other children play around him.  After a while he warmed up to it though and didn't want to leave.

The next day Erik and I took Stuart and Angelica to the Tilden Park Botanical Gardens for their engagement pictures.  I'm so glad Erik let me tag along.  He's so talented and I love being able to watch him in his element.  Stuart was a great sport about the whole thing as well, which was HUGE.  Stuart pretty much hates getting his picture taken, but allowed us to spend over three hours getting different shots.  Good practice for their wedding day!
As we were leaving Tilden Park, Angelica mentioned that she had never seen San Francisco, so we took a quick drive to show her some highlights.

Golden Gate Bridge

Palace of Fine Arts

Fort Point

San Francisco National Cemetery

It was such a fun weekend with Stuart and Angelica.  It went by too quickly, but we loved getting to know Angelica better and see how truly happy her and Stuart are together.  We love them both so much and are so excited for this next step in their lives.  
We can't wait to see you both in April!
Love ya

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! That shirt on Daxton is HILARIOUS! Great shots!


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