Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Year

One Year...
One year ago I was praying in a hospital room for the health of my sweet baby boy.  My water had broken and I had been admitted to the John Muir Medical Center, but it was over six weeks before my due date.  I had already spent several days in the hospital as they tried to stop labor and administer steroids to help with my baby's lung development.  Those were the longest days of my life...
Waiting to hear if he was stable...
Waiting to hear if he would be healthy...
Waiting to hold him in my arms.
We were scared.
On the morning of March 27th, my amazing doctor informed me that the risk of infection was too high and that they needed to induce labor.  By that evening we had welcomed our perfect baby boy, Daxton, into our family.  March 27th already held a special place in Dallas' heart as it is the anniversary of his mother's passing.  I'm absolutely positive that Grandma Liz was watching over us and was the first to cradle our little angel.
We spent the next few weeks living at the Hospital NICU as the most amazing doctors and staff took care of our baby boy.  I wish I could put into words how peaceful it was to be surrounded by such purity.  Heavenly Father's love enveloped each of those perfect babies.
Holding Daxton in my arms, snuggled close against my skin, I knew there would never be a moment sweeter.
I can't believe a year has gone by since I first met him and fell in love.  I just pray that each year is as wonderful as this first.
I love you, sweetheart.
Happy Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I didn't arrive until the day after his birth but I well remember the weeks in the NICU and being able to be a part of helping those first few weeks. What a blessing he was and continues to be! I to like to think of Grandma Liz kissing his sweet face and sending him down and also continuing to watch over him every day. I'm sure she is never far from her only son and grandson. What a beautiful legacy she has left. Love you all!
    Grandma Adams


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