Monday, March 11, 2013

Singin' In The Rain

The day after Valentine's Day one of my best friends, Janelle, flew into town for a visit.  She knew how crazy Dallas' schedule was and offered to watch Daxton for the night so we could actually go on a date.  We couldn't thank her enough!  Dallas was a sweetheart and not only did he take me out to a nice dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day, but he also got us tickets to the Lesher Center of the Arts in Walnut Creek to see the Diablo Theatre Company perform "Singin' in the Rain."  
I have to admit that with my spoiled theater upbringing, I have regrettably become somewhat of a theater snob.  My parents passion for broadway has allowed me to be raised on the highest quality of performances and I've been obscenely blessed with amazing opportunities to see Broadway greats perform live.
I have to also admit, that the cast of "Singin' in the Rain" did not disappoint!  The voices were wonderful, the dancing was great, and I was very impressed with the sets.  Who would have thought that a community theater would be able to pull off an actual rain storm on stage!?  I literally had a smile from ear to ear during the entire performance.  It was the perfect Valentine's present!  If you ever get a chance to see one of their productions, I would highly recommend it.
Dallas did well this year!

(All of these pictures were taken from the Diablo Theater company's website 

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