Monday, March 4, 2013

Adventures with Tracy continued...

The second half of our weekend was just as fun.
One of my good friends babysat Daxton for the day, which allowed Tracy and I to do all those things we used to when I lived in Provo.  We went out to a yummy brunch, got soothing pedicures, and then went to a matinee.  It was the perfect day and I loved my girl time with no wiggly baby to hold for a few hours.
The following day we drove into San Francisco again to go on a Duck Tour.  I had gone on a duck tour a couple years earlier with my New Zealand girls and loved it and thought it would be perfect for Tracy to experience.  It's a great way to see all the crazy characters of San Francisco on land and water.  It was also Super bowl weekend with the 49ers in the superbowl, so it was quite the packed tour of crazy screaming fans...which proved to be a bit scary for little Daxton.  Right as we left on the tour, everyone started screaming for the 49ers, Daxton started screaming in general, and I started crying...just kidding!  I just held him close, he cried for about 30 seconds and then fell asleep for almost 45 minutes.  It was pretty funny that he slept through all the noise, but I did have his hat pulled down over his ears, a blanket over him, and he was snuggled up against my chest to help.  He woke up right as we entered the water and was very confused/curious with all things going on around him.

Right before the tour left.
He was very tired, but loved the duck kazoos the tour group had given us.  He sat there and chewed on it before falling asleep.
I am absolutely obsessed with those lips!
And I'm so glad I bought that turtle hat at Sea World.  I've used it a ton this winter while visiting San Fran.
I'm the luckiest mommy.
I'm absolutely in love with my little man.

On the tour after Daxton woke up as we entered the water.

So many fun characters roam the streets of San Francisco!

After our tour, we drove out to Alameda to our favorite Sushi House.  Daddy met up with us for dinner, which was fun to finally see him for a few moments.  We ate tons of sushi, watched the sunset along the water, and then headed home.
Another great couple days with Tracy!

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  1. Ahhh.... I want to go back. I loved my time there. We packed it with so much fun and just enough relaxing. :)


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