Monday, March 4, 2013

Oakland Temple

The next day was our church's Stake Conference, so we took Tracy to the Oakland Temple grounds where our inter Stake Center is located.  Daxton proved to be quite the wiggle worm, but Dallas was a sweetheart and took him out for most of the meeting.  When I went to find him, he had made a home in an empty classroom, Daxton was rolling around playing with his toys, and Dallas was playing games on his iPad and with Daxton.  I'm pretty sure he was more than content to watch our little man for a couple hours!

After our meetings we explored the Oakland Temple grounds.  It was such a gorgeous sunny day and Daxton immediately fell in love with the large fountain.  We took the opportunity to snap some pictures.  I am so in love with my two guys.  I feel so blessed every day to have found Dallas and to have welcomed such a perfect baby boy into our family.  I especially love the special connection they have together.  Daxton truly lights up when his daddy walks in the room.  He squeals with joy and giggles as he tries to bite Dallas' chin.  I could watch them play together all day long. 

Like father, like son...

Tracy was a sweetheart and took some quick pictures of us together as a family.  We have so few pictures together, all us three, so it was so nice to have her take some with the temple behind us.

We couldn't go to the temple grounds without letting Daxton explore the fountain.  He loves water (just like his mommy) and watched the fountain intently.
 I love his little rolled up sleeves and tie.
I still can't believe how big he's getting!

I have a special necklace that I only wear to church.
He loves to chew on it and will snuggle up in my arms for almost an hour during the meetings as long as he has that necklace to chew.

After Stake Conference, Dallas had plans to watch the super bowl with some friends, so Tracy and I went on a fun photo shoot without the boys.  We took some fun pics out at the Martinez Wetlands that I'll show on a later date.
It was so nice to have Tracy come visit us.  It was fun to introduce her to my little man and be able to catch up on all of her adventures.  I sure do love her and wish her the absolute best.
Thanks again for coming to visit!
I love ya!


  1. Such darling pictures and such a darling family. Gorgeous.

  2. Awww.... all these posts made me tear up. It was such a good visit. Thank you and I love you tons AND lets hope it is not TOO long before we get to hang out again. Oh and I am glad I finally got to meet Daxton. He is a doll. Miss you guys already.


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