Friday, March 15, 2013

Adventures with Janelle...A Day in the City

Our adventures continued the following day as we drove into the city.  I love that San Francisco is only a 25 minute drive away.  Since Janelle and Jason had come to visit so many times over the past few years, it was a bit challenging trying to find places that Janelle had never seen.  She still wanted to do some of the tourist spots, so we started at the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, February day.  It did get a bit chilly with the wind off of the water, but we had brought lots of layers so we were fine.
Since we weren't interested in walking across the bridge, we drove to a parking spot just east of the main GGB stop.  There was no one around and we were able to get some great shots of the bridge. Daxton had just woken from a nap and was still a bit groggy.

After the bridge, we drove down through the presidio to Fort Point.  There is a pier that just out into the water along the coast towards Fort Point that Janelle had never seen, so we bundled up the little guy and went for a walk in the wind.  There were gorgeous views of the bridge, Alcatraz, and a perfect view looking back at the city.

After Fort Point, we wandered along Chrissy Field Park and stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Jason loved it here and we have so many pictures of us three playing in and out of the greek columns.  We had some "Jason moments" before moving on around the marina towards Embarcadero and Pier 39.
I didn't realize it, but the tulip festival was going on at Pier 39.  There were gorgeous tulips and other flowers located throughout the shopping areas and along the main Embarcadero walkway.  The blossoms were gorgeous.
While walking around Pier 39 we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Bay for little Daxton.  He loves it there, but we were also wanting to get him out of the cold for a bit.  He was in heaven!
I loved the look on his face when we walked around the corner and saw our first glimpse of the incredible blue tube of sardines swimming in a circle.  He was absolutely mesmerized.

We took the elevator downstairs to Daxton's favorite exhibit, the Jelly fish.  He stood there next to the glass and smiled.  It didn't take long before he was slapping the glass trying to touch the jellies.  He was so happy.

I love the Aquarium of the Bay, because there are two large tunnels you walk through that give you a complete view of the animals on three sides.  Daxton loved standing next to the glass watching the massive fish swim by.  He looked so small next to the giant sea bass.
It was also nice because there were hardly any people so we got the whole tunnel to ourselves.  Between the fish, water, and shimmering lights, Daxton loved every minute of the aquarium.

After the aquarium we walked along the Embarcadero down to Fisherman's Wharf, the Boudin Sour Dough bakery, and then to Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  Sometime along our walk Daxton fell fast asleep.  Luckily he somehow didn't wake with the loud animal noises inside the Rainforest Cafe.  We were seated right next to a beautiful aquarium covered wall.  Dax slept through the beginning of dinner and then woke, very confused, right as our food arrived.  Perfect timing, little one!  He enjoyed watching the fish swim by and we enjoyed the fun atmosphere.

You don't pay for the quality of food, you pay for the ambiance, but it was super fun anyway.  I loved all the details, especially the barstools and waterfall/fountain.
After dinner we walked through the gift shop and had some fun with all the obnoxious hats and toys.  Daxton loved all the colors and I was pretty impressed that I didn't get him anything.
It was a great day and the perfect way to end such a fun few days with Janelle in town.  I wish we didn't have an entire state in between us!  I sure do love her and feel so blessed to have her in my life.  Can't wait for our next adventures together!

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  1. You girls are so cute! I can't help but miss seeing Jason's face with you. I'm glad it was such a wonderful trip. xoxo


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