Friday, March 22, 2013

Play Date Under the Sea

Since Daxton and I had so much fun with Janelle at the Aquarium of the Bay, we decided that we would take Lisa and Maddie there on our next play date.  The first week of March was a bit chilly in the city, but we bundled up our little ones for our adventure at Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay.
It's so funny to watch these two together.  Maddie is such a naturally smiley and outgoing little girl.  Daxton is also very smiley, but when he is done with the camera...he is done with the camera.
The babies loved looking at all the tulips and other flowers blooming around Pier 39.  Maddie also loved the live music being played.  She immediately lifted her arms and started dancing...yeah she's pretty cute!

Before going to the Aquarium, we decided to stop for lunch.  We couldn't help but go to one of our favorites, The Crepe Cafe at Pier 39.  It is a tradition for all of us New Zealand girls to eat lunch at here when we are together.  It was the yummiest way to start our day of fun.

After lunch we headed to the Aquarium where Daxton was in heaven.  I love how it never gets old for him.  He is constantly in awe looking at all the beautiful fish.  I love to watch his eyes light up as they swim close to the glass.

Daxton has never been old enough to do the touch pools (his little arms are too short to reach the starfish.)  Maddie, on the other hand, LOVED the touch pools.  She loved tasting the water more than touching the animals, but watching her excitement was so sweet.
I love Lisa's expression below!
Neither her or Maddie were too excited to touch the snake.

After the Aquarium, we wandered around the pier for awhile longer.  I love all the sailboats and can't wait for America's cup this fall.

We've started a new tradition that when ever we get back from a fun adventure we make sure to go for a swing ride as well.  Daxton is loving this new tradition.  In fact he loves it so much that we bought a little swing for his birthday next week.  There's nothing like seeing that smiling face and watching his hair blow in the wind.

We are loving our play dates!

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