Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bonding with Grandpa

Daxton was a pretty lucky kid while in Washington to have two grandparents spoil him silly!  It was cute to see the bond between him and grandpa grow.  He wanted to follow him around everywhere, wanting to be held.  Grandpa had quite the play list on his phone, so when Daxton would jump up into his arms he would immediately start pointing to wear grandpa's phone was.  Grandpa would push play and within a few seconds Daxton would be bouncing on grandpa's hip to the beat.  They had some great moves, the two of them!
Daxton also got to help grandpa mow the lawn.  He was a bit apprehensive at first, but quickly got used to the sound.  He settled right in and did not want to get off grandpa's lap. 

He especially loved turning the key and steering wheel.
We also had lots of fun adventures out in the orchards.  Daxton was in heaven finding all sorts of treasures, sticks, bugs, and playing in the dirt.  Grandpa took us out to pick peaches and even let Daxton sit on his lap while driving around the farm, which he of course loved.
Daxton was such a big help.
He loved finding peaches on the ground and poking them with sticks.  He thought it was pretty awesome watching all the juice squeeze out.  Basically, he had a lot of fun and needed a good hot bath after our outing of peach picking.

Adventures with Grandpa are always so much fun!

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