Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life on the Farm for a Toddler...

I love visiting my hometown, Ephrata.
It is a tiny town in the Columbia Basin of central Washington with a population around 5,000 people.  I loved being raised here so close to so many family and friends.  I also loved being raised on a farm.  Not the usual farm that one would think of with animals and certain smells, but a tree nursery with acres and acres of fruit orchards.
I knew that Daxton would absolutely LOVE life on the farm.
I mean what toddler wouldn't love endless space and freedom to explore outside?  We were told that our belongings could take up to a couple weeks to arrive in south Florida, so Mom and I figured it would be safest to find flights towards the end of August down to Fort Lauderdale.  This gave Daxton two full weeks to explore everything on the farm and get TOTALLY spoiled by Grandma, Grandpa and his aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family.
It was pure heaven!

Here are some of Daxton's favorites...
Loved spending time with grandpa and playing in the car.
Loved singing songs with grandma...while playing in the car.

He also loved the pinwheels on the deck.
The pinwheel is a sweet reminder of little Liam, my nephew born sleeping in January.  I loved how mom had potted Liam's pinwheels surrounded by grandpa Adams' rocks as well.  So much love.
Daxton loved watching the pinwheels spin.
He also loved grabbing handfuls of rocks and then lining them up in rows on the deck.  He has a bit of his accountant father in him!

He also loved visiting the chickens and bunny with Auntie Darlene.  He loved being able to stick his fingers into the chicken coop narrowly missing a few chomps and feeding the bunny.

He loved spending time with Auntie Darlene!

Another favorites for Daxton was helping...
I'm sure grandma found it very helpful while trying to vaccuum!

He also found the perfect spot to lounge while playing and snacking.

One of his ultimate favorites was playing on the piano and singing with grandma.  He loved to sing along as grandma practiced for church.  He agreed that her voice is like golden chocolate!
Daxton loved playing outside.
He loved getting dirty, playing with sticks, throwing leaves into the canal, and chasing bugs.

He especially loved getting totally spoiled by grandma and all the extra snuggles and attention.  She even held his sippy cup!

Daxton LOVED getting to spend time with his cousins Emma and Nora.  We quickly realized how much he adored them when he would chase them around trying to give them hugs.  It was pretty cute.  Emma showed him a birds egg from outside.
She also showed him how to ride bikes plasma cars, and go down slides head first.  She's a pretty awesome cousin!
Nora was a sweetheart and showed Daxton how to get in and out of the car, where to find flowers and feathers, how to go down the slide, and also how to sweep.

Daxton was super spoiled with extra attention from auntie Leisha!  She got the best auntie award that day as she pushed him around in the car, helped him down the slide, and then gave him plasma car rides.  Needless to say, he LOVES his auntie!

He also loved hanging out with Lilly, my cousin Gina's daughter.  They had a blast getting out all grandma's toys and building towers.  He loved playing with her so much that he kept giving her lots of hugs.  It was so sweet!

Overall, I'd say that my little toddler, had a blast on the farm hanging out with family and friends!  What a blessing it's been to have such a sweet tempered easy and adaptive baby.  There's been so much change over the past few weeks and it's only going to get crazier!

Me and my little man

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