Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grant County Fair

I was pretty excited that Daxton and I's time in Washington was going to overlap with the Grant County Fair.  I remember growing up looking forward to performing and then going on all the rides with friends.  It was always so fun and I couldn't wait to introduce Daxton to it as well.  So I was super excited when Leisha called and invited us to join her and the girls for an afternoon out at the fair.  

We started by visiting the different animals.
We wandered through the different cows first.
Emma and Nora sported the coolest shades!
Then we made our way over to the smelliest section, the pigs.  It was funny to see all three kids immediately want to cover their noses by how stinky it was.

Then we wandered down through the sheep, where their "baahing" was a bit too loud for Emma.  I'm totally not familiar with farm animal care and could not figure out why in the world all the sheep were wearing clothes.  I guess I should google that some day!
One of my favorite stops was at the bunny area.  Daxton loved touching all the bunnies and watching them eat carrots.

Emma and Nora had a blast petting the bunnies as well.
After looking at all the different animals, Leisha and I walked the kids over to her mom's post.  Her mom was in charge of the Basin Community theater group and was at the fair selling fried cheese curds to help raise money.  Leisha's sister, Brianne, was also there to help.  Brianne and I went to school together and also had some hilarious moments while in young womens and girls camp back in the day.  Simply put, I love her to death and was so excited to see her again, even if it was just a short while.

We also had to make sure we each got shaved ice snow cones.  Daxton was super excited and couldn't get enough of it.

He also ate an oreo cookie and drank part of my fruit smoothie, thus the full tummy picture below.  He is definitely not used to all the sweets!  As we were walking through the rides we found a weird hand chair.  Daxton was thrilled that his mom made him take pictures in it...

The highlight of our day was courtesy of amazing Auntie Leisha when she introduced the sweet perfection that is cotton candy...
Needless to say, it was a huge hit with my little man!

When we got back to the house, the sugar was in full force!
Daxton, Emma, and Nora were a total riot.  You could hear all three of them giggling a mile away.  Daxton got so excited that he would tackle into Emma and wrap his arms around her tight.  He also spent tons of energy running after both girls as more and more giggling continued.  It was extremely evident how much Daxton loves his cousins!

So much love and craziness in the family!

We had such a fun day with Leisha and the girls.  I am constantly baffled at how lucky I am to have such an incredible family.  Each of my brothers have married the most amazing women and I have loved getting to know each of them.  They have truly become my sisters and true friends.
I love you, Leisha.

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