Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Uncle Dallas' Goodbye Dinner

I know I've posted over and over about how much I adore my family, but I just can't help it.  Dallas, Daxton, and I have been blessed innumerably with living so close to my older brother and his incredible family over the past five years.  We have loved watching their children grow and develop such witty personalities.  I can honestly say that the hardest thing about moving from the bay area is having to say goodbye to this loving family.

The day before Dallas flew out to Florida to start work, we all got together one last time for an afternoon of fun.  We started with a very yummy grilled dinner outside and then had a crazy wrestling match on the trampoline.  The kids love Uncle Dallas, because he's so much fun! 

Picking up and throwing Ellis onto the tramp.
Will and Daxton wanted to be picked up as well...

Ellis and Will were so good with Daxton.  They bounced just enough that he was giggling, but were great about keeping him safe.  He also loved watching Ellis and Will wrestle and wanted to join in on the fun.
Someone's happy about being on the trampoline!
Gotta love the static hair!

 Everyone wrestling...I'm pretty sure Will won, poor Ellis!

 Later that night Erik and the boys made a fun bonfire for all of us to roast marshmallows on.  Lincoln got to practice some new scouting skills while starting the fire.
After the fire started up, I showed the kids how to "jump over the fire" for a good picture.  They thought it was hilarious that they were jumping a few feet behind the fire and the picture looked like they were jumping over.  Needless to say, we were taking pictures for awhile...
 After we were all done being crazy, we circled the fire, roasted marshmallows, and ate yummy smores.  It was the perfect way to end the night!
Ellis and Rulon showing off their yummy smores.
Daxton was more interested in the big bars of chocolate laying around instead of waiting on the smores to cook.  He was pretty proud of himself once he got the chocolate bar out of it's wrapper.

My little sweethearts, Olive and Ellis.

While waiting for things to cook, Auntie Heather pushed the kids on the swings.  Daxton did not want to let go of his graham cracker...he was quite attached!

Right before we were to leave all the kids jumped on Uncle Dallas one last time.  He loves them all so much, as do I.
Daxton saw what was going on and wanted to hop up on daddy's lap as well.

The kids giving Uncle Dallas and Daxton big hugs goodbye.
I love the different facial expressions, especially from Lincoln.

This picture melts my heart.
We love them all so much.
As we drove home that night, Dallas cried having to say goodbye; the only tears he shed on our crazy cross country move.

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