Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farewell Tour in San Francisco

I didn't quite make my goal of being caught up on our blog by the time Daxton and I met up with Dallas in Fort Lauderdale.  It's been an insane month of packing, cleaning, driving up to Washington, spending time with family and friends, flying to Florida, unpacking, shopping, and setting up a home.  Luckily I had my mom with me during this entire month.  I have no clue how I would have done everything without her!  I would still be knee deep in boxes and overwhelmed with everything, that's for sure!  
Sadly, my mom left to head back to Washington today.  It's amazing to me to think about how far away I really am from my family.  I can't think about it too long or I get sad.  I realize that wherever Dallas and Daxton are is really my "home," but the fear tends to sneak up on me at times.
We had a great first week here in Florida and Daxton is even back on his nap schedule, so I figured while he is asleep I would plug away at documenting our crazy lives...

The last week Dallas, Daxton, and I were all in the bay area together, we decided to take one last "Farewell Tour"of San Francisco.  We have loved living so close to such an incredibly diverse and beautiful city.  It was so much fun to revisit some of our favorite spots and act like total tourists for the last time.

Family photo while waiting at a stop light.

Driving across the Bay bridge and through Treasure Island.
Dallas took me to Treasure Island on our first date back in 2007.

We decided to make our way to Golden Gate Park first.  There, we rode the ferris wheel and played in the children's park.  Daxton and I had already visited several different spots in Golden Gate earlier that week including the CA Academy of Sciences.
Riding the ferris wheel and realizing how sick I get going in circles!
Daxton couldn't decide which animal he wanted to ride so we ended up choosing several throughout the carousel.

He was a little nervous at first, with the animal moving up and down as well as in a circle, but by the end he was loving it.
Love these two with all my heart!

After the ferris wheel we headed over to the Children's park.  It's been so much fun watching Daxton get more and more confident while walking.  I swear he grew up over night after he started walking on his own.  He's definitely a toddler now, not a baby!

The entire park is ocean themed with beautiful detailing throughout.  We loved the colorful tiles on the eel in the sand area.  Daxton loved climbing on everything in sight.
Can't go to the park without taking a few minutes to swing!
As we were leaving, we found the most beautiful staircase leading back to the parking lot.  Daxton could have spent hours climbing up and down it!

After Golden Gate Park, Dallas realized that he needed to fax something from his office, so we headed back across town towards the embarcadero.  Along the drive we decided to take Lombard Street one last time.  It was quite busy with the constant stream of tourists, but it made us smile.  I even played the total tourist card and hung my head out the window with my camera to get a few shots.

We are both absolutely in love with the individuality of the architecture throughout San Francisco.  From different apartment buildings to homes, each are unique and have so much character.  It's also amazing to see how each were built on such drastically steep inclines.
Some of my favorite designs while driving through the streets of San Francisco.

While Dallas was finishing things up at his office in Embarcadero 3 building, Daxton and I wandered down to grab some lunch and eat in front of the Ferry building.  It was such a gorgeous day with even better views.
Ferry Building

Wandering the square and looking up at the high rises.

After the Ferry building we drove along the Embarcadero and looked at all the new construction being built to house the America's cup in September.  It was bitter sweet since we wouldn't be able to attend, but it was fun to see things progress anyway.

While driving, Daxton fell asleep for his afternoon nap, so we weren't able to get out and play around the Palace of Fine Arts.  We did hop out of the car for a quick picture while Dax was sleeping though.  This is my favorite spot in the city.  I love the gorgeous columns and all the beautiful birds that live throughout the grounds.  It's always so peaceful in such a busy city.
Love my man!

After the Palace of Fine Arts, we continued driving along the marina and headed towards Chrissy Field park.  It allowed for some interesting views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the sculptures throughout the park.

We wanted to make sure we got a family picture in front of the bridge one last time.
Daxton was in a great mood since he had just woken up from a long nap.  He was very playful with daddy and loved running around the grounds and playing in the dirt.
Such a happy and curious little guy!

He wasn't as cooperative when I wanted to take a sweet picture with just him and I.  He's such an active little toddler!

Dallas is such a fun daddy!
I love watching these two interact.  They have such a beautiful bond.

Daxton loved playing in the dirt and wood chips.  He would have played there all afternoon if we would have let him.  My favorite was when we were walking back to the car and noticing that Daxton had created his own little uni-brow.
Gotta love dirty boys!

After the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove over to Pier 39.
We had to go to our Aquarium at the Bay one more time before leaving.  Daxton, I'm sure, felt right at home and knew where everything was.  He loved every minute of it and I have to admit, I got a little sad thinking we weren't going to have this as our special spot any more.
Loving all the different colorful fish.
I love watching his eyes light up while looking at the different tanks.
The bottom floor of the Aquarium was still Daxton's favorite, with the different jelly fish and the different tunnels you can walk through.
Watching the moon jellies.
So many different jelly fish!

He was quite independent and wanted to walk everywhere on his own.  He was trying so hard to climb the side to get a better look at the fish swimming by.
We may have even caved and gotten him a little otter souvenir on our way out.  As you can tell, he was quite thrilled!

After the aquarium, we explored Pier 39 and ended up at Bubba Gumps' for dinner.  We were seated right next to the wall of windows with the most amazing views of the bay, Alcatraz, and the setting sun.
Goofing off at dinnertime

My perfect little buddy

After dinner we walked around the pier to watch the stinky sea lions and get a gorgeous view looking back at our city that we are going to miss terribly!
Saying goodbye to the sea lions.

We of course had to get one last glimpse of Alcatraz and the bay as the sun was setting.  How can you not fall in love with the bay area with views like this!?

Daxton was obviously not as impressed as I was, but at least he wasn't mad at us for keeping him out way past bedtime.

So many beautiful sunsets we've been able to watch together from this spot...
I'm feeling so blessed with Dallas as my partner through everything.  What an immense blessing he is in my life.  I know that no matter how scary this next step may be, I will be fine as long as I have him by my side.

As we left the city driving across the Bay bridge, we stopped at Treasure Island to get one last look at San Francisco.  Back in October of 2007, Dallas took me to that exact spot on our first date.  It's crazy to think about all that has happened since then.  We have loved our time in the bay area and feel so lucky to have met such amazing people and done so many incredible things while living there.

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