Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lunch with Greg, Heidi, and Little Tommy

My mom is amazing.
She drove down to California from Washington a couple days after Dallas flew out to Florida.  She spent hours helping to clean, pack, and sort through my house before movers came that weekend.  On one of the days we snuck away from the chaos to meet up with family for lunch.  We met up with my cousin, Greg, his wife Heidi, and their new little angel, Thomas Jay.  My brother Erik was also able to sneak away from work to meet up with us.  We all took turns snuggling with little Thomas Jay.

Happy Daddy
It was so much fun to see how great of a dad Greg is.  He was right there helping with the burping, changing, and feedings.  He was also so proud and loving with little Tommy.

I absolutely LOVED my snuggle time with Tommy.
He's such a sweetheart and so calm.  It made me crave "baby time" again when all you got to do was snuggle.  I love snuggling!
My little sweetheart buddy
I especially loved it when Tommy snuggled his perfect face into my cheek and neck.  I sure do love him!  

It was pretty funny to watch Daxton respond to mommy snuggling with another baby.  At first he was very curious and then he just got mad that I wasn't giving him enough attention.  I'm thinking he needs a sibling soon!

Once I wasn't holding Tommy anymore, Daxton became more and more interested in him.  It was funny to see him pock at him and watch little parts of him move.
Overall Daxton thought Tommy was a pretty cool kid.

We have loved living in the bay area with Greg, Heidi, and now little Tommy.  They are also starting out on their own grand adventure.  They will be moving back east to North Carolina for work.  We are so excited for them and are already planning a road trip up the coast to visit!
Love you guys!

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