Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moving Day

I love Dallas' company, PWC!
For Dallas' job transfer, within the relocation package, they hired movers to come to our apartment, pack everything up, load it all, move it cross country, and then unload at our new destination.  It was amazing!  Everything went so smoothly and the workers were so nice and careful with everything.  It was definitely weird, though, sitting back and watching strangers pack all of your things.  We needed to be present to answer questions and then also clean once they cleared certain areas.  It was a VERY long day!  My friend, Michelle, was an absolute saint and took Daxton for the day, so he wasn't in the way of all the chaos at our place.  I owe her BIG TIME!  Just another reason why I love her to pieces.

The beginning of the chaos...
packing the downstairs.

Packing kitchen and upstairs bedrooms...

So crazy to see our rooms all cleared out.
This was our first apartment together as a married couple and then also as a family once Daxton was born.  I have to admit, I really loved our little place, quirks and all.

There were three different families sharing the same truck so our things were on the back third.  It was incredible to watch them play tetris layer upon layer of our boxes.
Having them arrive at 8am and then finish around 6pm, plus the additional cleaning and apartment checkout made for a very long exhausting day.  We didn't finish til after 7pm.  We ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat for dinner and then hitting the road, only making it three hours before stopping at Redding, California for the night.
Thank heaven mom was there to take care of us crazies!

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