Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seattle: Sister Act at the Paramount Theatre

The main reason for us making the quick trip to Seattle was because mom had gotten tickets to the Broadway traveling production of Sister Act at the Paramount Theater.  She wanted to take her daughters (we missed Heather E and Angelica!) out for an evening of fun.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I've been so blessed with such an incredible family!  Each of my brothers have married the most amazing women and it's been so fun to finally have sisters.  They are so easy to get along with, super sweet, considerate, loving, and just simply a blast to be around.  We are truly lucky to have them in our family!

After a fun day exploring the Northwest Trek, Heather, Leisha, Mom, and I left the kids and went out on the town.  My oldest brother, Bryan, was incredible and watched all 8 kids!  He did have a lot of help from his two oldest children, Max and Natalie, as well.

Us girls drove into Seattle, parked, and made our way over to the Paramount Theater.  The same theater I saw Wicked for the first time :)  It was quite the interesting crowd of people and made the people watching very entertaining!

Leisha, Heather, Mom and I

Sister Act was amazing!  I had seen the movie and enjoyed it back in the day, so I knew I would find it entertaining, but I had no clue it would be so great.  They changed the story line a bit, added hilarious new characters, insanely blinged out costumes, and soulful songs.  We were literally laughing out loud throughout most of the performance.  Great voices, great music, great acting, and most importantly great company!  
We loved it!

Thanks so much, mom, for such a fun night!
We love you so much and are so grateful for your generosity and constant love and support.

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