Thursday, September 12, 2013

Road Trip from Bay Area to Washington

Our first night on our road trip from the Bay area up to Washington, was a late one.  We had gotten a late start due to moving, cleaning, and checking out of our apartment, so Mom, Daxton, and I only made it up to Redding, California before needing sleep.  When we arrived, we quickly found out that the hotel had no more cribs and neither did any of their sister hotels.  Mom had to go to a walmart at 11pm to find one, while I dealt with a crazy, overly tired/hyper, moody toddler.  One good thing is that he was so excited to be out of his car seat that he mostly entertained himself running around in circles.
So excited to be running around at 11pm!
Not sure if you can see it from the side our not, but Daxton finally "relieved" himself after a couple days of constipation.  He was quite the happy boy after!

The next morning as we were leaving Redding, we decided to do a quick at the sundial bridge.  Dallas and I have driven through Redding several times and never stopped, so I figured I better stop now...who knows when we will be making that drive again!
It was such a gorgeous way to start our long day of driving.

With Mom's back troubles and Daxton's eagerness to get out of his car seat, we knew it wouldn't be smart to try and drive the remaining 11 hours all in one day.  We decided to make it to Bend, Oregon for our second stop.  We probably could have gone further that night, but there is literally NOTHING inbetween Bend and home in Washington.  Daxton had a blast playing on the luggage cart for most of the evening and then got a good nights sleep.  He's such a trooper with everything I put him through!

At breakfast the next morning, Daxton let me know how excited he was about getting in his car seat for another five hours...
Such a boy!

As we were driving across the Oregon/Washington border mom pointed out what looked like a mini stone hedge on the hill.  She was sweet enough to make a quick stop so I could check it out, because "Who knows when I'll be back that way..."

All along the border of central southern Washington there are hundred of massive windmills.  We couldn't help but stop to take a few pictures since they reminded us of sweet little Liam.

We got home that night after a VERY long three days of driving.
Mom was a saint for driving down to pick Dax and I up and bring us back to Washington!  Thanks again!

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