Friday, September 13, 2013

Seattle: North West Trek

The next day was our only full day to spend in the area, so we decided to drive down to the Northwest Trek (about an hour south of Auburn.)  It turned out to be a super fun day for the kids and adults!  The Northwest Trek is a nature preserve that allows visitors to see local animal wildlife.  We were able to see all sorts of animals from the pacific northwest region and had a blast doing so.

All the kiddos and myself

Love these little ones!
Emma, Katrina, Natalie, Daxton, Sadie, and Nora
The computers were down when we got there so the entrance line made for a rather long wait.  Us girls decided to get some pictures while we waited.

Katrina and I.  Nora, Katrina, and Emma.  Sadie, Katrina, and I.
I love all their different facial expressions.

The Northwest Trek was designed really well with each exhibit out in the open.  There were different trails through the woods and lots to read and learn kind of an outing!


Black Bear

The highlight of the day was taking the narrated tram ride throughout the park.  It lasted a little over an hour and we were able to see several local animals in their natural habitats.  Daxton loved being on a "train" and the girls had a blast bouncing in their chairs.

Some of the many animals we saw...




Goofing off on the tram...
Daxton stole Emma's shades and loved playing with Grandma.
Such a cheesy grin!

Three generations of buddies!

 One last picture as we were leaving the tram.  The elk are in the far distance.

As we were leaving, we stopped at the entrance sign to make sure we got a picture with Liam's pinwheel.  I love how Liam's symbol is a pinwheel and Mara's is a butterfly.  It's fun to spot them throughout life and have an extra reason to be reminded of their sweet spirits.

Overall I'd say we had a pretty great day!
The kids and adults were tuckered out by the time we got home that evening, but the fun had just begun for us girls...

Next post...Girls night out!!

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