Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mom's 60th Birthday

A couple days before Daxton and I flew to Florida, we were able to help celebrate my mom's 60th birthday party.  I tried to convince her to let me throw a party for her, but she literally threatened to disown me if I did anything that brought any attention her way.  I guess I didn't get my need of being the center of attention from her!  All she wanted was a relaxing day with family, so that's what she got...

My younger brother, Richard, and his family came out to visit in the morning.  Leisha made mom the most beautiful and yummy birthday cake.

While we were planning out the rest of the day, the girls took turns pushing Daxton in the doll stroller.  He was quite pampered with all the attention from cousins, aunts, and uncles while we were at home visiting.

Mom wanted to spend the afternoon at Liam's grave so we could write messages to him on balloons.  It's beautiful and yet incredibly sad that my nieces and nephews are so familiar with loss already.  I love the way Leisha and Richard went about telling the girls when Liam was born.  Emma and Nora know that they are so loved and special to have their very own angel looking over them.  They love visiting sweet Liam and are creating incredibly positive and loving memories for him.  It truly is remarkable to see that families faith and strength.

As we were getting things ready, the kids loved running around the cemetery.  Emma showed Daxton Liam's pinwheels and butterfly from Mara.  

My got a helium tank, so while Richard blew up the balloons, we each took turns writing little messages to Liam.  It was really sweet to hear what the girls wanted to write to their baby brother. 
Emma's turn...

I knew that Daxton wouldn't be able to hold onto the balloon, so I tied it to his belt loop til we were ready for the balloon release.  He loved running in circles chasing the balloon.  It reminded me of a kitten chasing it's own tail.

Grandma and Grandpa's turn...

Finishing up while the kids had fun running with their balloons.
Daxton with the birthday Grandma!

Family Pictures

Ready to release the balloons...

Heading towards Liam...

After we sent our messages to Liam, we used chalk that Leisha brought to write little messages on Liam's headstone. 
Messages from Leisha and Grandma...
It was really cute to see Nora teaching Daxton how to use the chalk.  He was focused very hard on drawing a few lines.

While at the cemetery, I wanted to go visit some of my friends.  It breaks my heart to think about how many of my friends I have lost over the past few years.  The first being my two close friends from high school, TJ and Matt.  They were both so funny, unique, creative, smart, talented, and kind.  It was fun to tell Emma, Nora, and Daxton some fun memories I had with them.  I can't believe it's been 15 years since their passing.

Another good friend of mine from high school, Jaime, passed in January of 2006 while serving in the military.  Her funeral was especially sad, leaving behind her husband of a few months.

We also stopped by to visit Grandpa and Grandma Adams.
I only feel happiness when I think of them.  Grandpa passed in 1995 and Grandma was finally reunited with him this year.  What an incredible reunion that must have been!  I'm sure they are having a blast together.

After the cemetery, we all went to a local restaurant, Tequillas, for mom's birthday dinner.  While we were eating, the topic of Mom's birthday may have been brought up to the waiter.  So mom was quite embarrassed  when a group of waitresses came in singing and placed a rather humungous sombrero on her head.  I took video of that and unfortunately do not have any photos to show, lucky for mom!  As we were waiting for dessert, Daxton got some extra hugs from Emma and Nora.  He sure is going to miss these girls! 
Love their facial expressions!

Daxton also loved the whipped cream from dessert...
It was such a fun day helping mom celebrate.  I hope she had a good birthday.  We all love her so much and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.
Happy birthday, mom!

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