Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visiting Michelle's Dairy Farm

While we were living in the Bay area, I was surprised by how many people from our ward were from the central Washington area.  One of my best friends and neighbors, Michelle, was raised in a farm town very close to mine and we always talked about visiting each other if we were ever in Washington at the same time.  It finally worked out a few days before Daxton and I flew down to Florida.

Dax and I drove out to Michelle's house and had a blast with her, brooks, and little Hadley.  Michelle's family owns a dairy farm and have several different animals, which Daxton loved getting to meet.  He especially loved petting and chasing all of the playful kittens around the yard.   
Brooks is a year older than Daxton and loved showing him everything around the farm.  It was especially funny watching Brooks and Daxton chase after the poor kittens.  They were pretty fast though, and narrowly escaped numerous times.
Caught one!

Sweet Hadley snuggled right up and I LOVED every minute of it.

Brooks showing Daxton how to "properly" catch and carry a kitten around the yard.

Smart kittens...finding a spot Daxton couldn't reach.

After Michelle put Hadley down for a nap, she and Brooks showed us around the dairy farm to see all the cattle.  It was interesting to see all the different pods that the calfs lived in.
Daxton loved being able to explore and watch Brooks and Michelle feed the cows.  I played interference by getting him to not step in certain places...

Daxton wanted to join Brooks in the pens, but he was a bit too small.

I absolutely ADORE the pictures of Brooks below.  It sums up several reasons why I love and will miss him terribly!  He stepped in some cow poop, so Michelle hosed his feet and leg off.  In the process his jeans got very wet.  So he spent the rest of the time running around in just his undies.  It was pretty classic!  Gotta love his craziness.

Michelle was a sweetheart and helped Daxton pet the different calves so I could get some pictures.

Perfect example of how I will remember these two...perfection!

After visiting the calves, we were able to stop by the lambs and sheep as well.  They were so cute and very friendly.

Brooks showing off his farming skills, all while pantless.
We had such a fun morning with Michelle and her kids.  We loved being able to see where she was raised and meet all the animals on their farm.  She has been such an incredible friend these past three years.  We've had some great adventures and memories together.  I'm so grateful that she's in my life.  I will truly miss her and our crazy adventures.
Thanks for the fun day, Michelle!

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