Friday, September 13, 2013

Seattle: Picnic with Mara

My mom is pretty awesome, anyone who knows her knows that.
While Daxton and I were in Washington visiting, my mom got us tickets to see the broadway touring show Sister Act at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  Mom planned for Leisha and her two girls, Daxton and myself, and my mom to all drive over to Auburn (25 minutes south of Seattle.)  We were only able to be in the Seattle area for a couple days, so we needed to pack in the most fun as possible for our quick trip.

Within a few minutes of arriving at my oldest brother's house, all the girls had a plethora of dress ups pulled out on the floor.  They thought it was great fun to include little Daxton in their games.

And of course after the dress ups were on, the dance party began!
Daxton had a blast joining in on the dancing!
It was so funny to watch all the girls interact.  I'm used to hanging out with all the nephews in California, so the high pitched giggling, dance parties, dress ups, and other girly activities were quite entertaining!

For dinner that night, we decided that we wanted to have a fun picnic with our sweet Mara.  September 22 will be five years since her passing.  There are so many things that remind me or her.  She is such a blessing in our lives and continues to be.  My heart hurts that both Bryan and Heather and Richard and Leisha are connected in such a way.  The knowledge of eternal families is so healing and gives so much hope.
We love sweet Mara and little Liam with all our hearts and are looking forward to the day we are all reunited.
Max, Natalite, Katrina, Sadie, Emma, Nora, Daxton, and I

 It was a gorgeous evening for a picnic.  The kids ate, laughed, and played on the grass.  Getting Daxton calm enough to eat anything was a bit difficult, especially since all he wanted to do was run.
Such a beautiful cemetary

Daxton had a blast with all the extra loves and snuggles.
With Katrina and Auntie Heather
These girls are quite cute and totally crazy!
Katrina, Emma, Natalie, Nora, and Sadie

My oldest brother Bryan, aka Golden Child, mom and myself.

Daxton became immediate buddies with Max.  Max was such a sweetheart and helped with Daxton a ton.  He even chased after him for me, which was GREATLY appreciated.  Daxton loved every minute of it!

Butterflies will forever remind me of sweet Mara.

When we got back to the house, the kids had just enough time to play outside, jump on the trampoline, and have a couple more dance parties before bedtime.  I'd say that is one very production afternoon and evening!

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