Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Neighborhood Goodbye BBQ

To start work on Monday at the beginning of August, Dallas decided to take a Sunday night red-eye flight from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale so our neighbors could throw a big goodbye BBQ.  It was so much fun to get everyone together one last time.  We've been incredibly blessed with some of the most amazing friends and neighbors over the past five years of living at Virginia Hills apartments.  It was a great BBQ, even if we did have to sneak out early to pack and drop Dallas off at the airport.  
We have the greatest friends!

(Top left) Jen and Jenny (Top Right) Kostya, Jessica, and Val
(Bottom Left) The Godfrey family (Bottom Right) Rachel and Dan

Some of our adorable neighborhood boys
Greg, Drew, Bryson, and Kaiden

(Left) The Bitter family (Right) Alana and Tanner (with baby #3 on the way.)

Couldn't help but take a few pics of our "beautiful" dry backyard.  I love how everyone congregates in the back, though.

A few more adorable little ones...

Daxton had a blast playing in the sand box one last time.

(Top Left) My girls Aubrey, Rachel, Alana, and little Sienna (Top Right) the adorable Tobler family  (Bottom Left and Right) The Cook Family and DeMary family.  So many amazing memories with these families!

(Top Left) The Claydon Family (Top Right) Ben and Jen  (Bottom Left) Us with the Gustafson family (Bottom Right) Our sweet neighbor Lisa and her mother and the Shellys

The whole group...
It doesn't get much better than this crazy group of people.
Miss them.
Love them.

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