Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Female Bonding

Dallas had to start work at the beginning of August, but the movers didn't pack our apt til the 9th, so the last week Daxton and I were in California on our own.  I couldn't help but throw one last party for the Bachelorette Finale.  Since we were in the middle of packing everything up, it was quite downsized with minimal decorations and games.  But we all had a blast and ate the yummiest food, which was perfect.  So blessed to have made such a fun group of friends!

Just a small glimpse of all the yummy food.

To allow more seating and also simply for fun, I blew up our queen air mattress, which made for great humor opportunities.
I sure do adore these girls!

Later that week I got to hang out with two of my favorite girls ever, Jenny and Tori.  Jenny has been one of the most supportive friends over the past five years.  I loved serving with her in the primary and loved her example, love, and friendship even more.  Tori has been one of my buddies for several years now.  A few years ago I threw a fun princess party for her and her good friend, Stella.  Tori and I were also able to have a fancy tea party.  She's such a sweetheart and so caring.

I also got to sneak away with these amazing girls for one last dinner out.  We spent the evening laughing, talking, and eating.  We eventually closed out the restaurant and didn't get home til well after 10pm, having ONLY gone out to dinner!  I love Jules, Liz, and Michelle so much.  To say they've been blessings in my life would be a huge understatement.  I will love and miss them terribly.

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