Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Surprise Visit from James

I love listening to Dallas' stories from before we were married.
We really are meant for each other.  Both of us have had amazing opportunities to travel the world and have experiences that truly shaped us into who we are today.  Along each of these journeys we were also able to make and create lasting memories with incredible friends.  For me it was my time teaching in both Uganda and New Zealand along with all of my college experiences in Provo going to BYU.  For Dallas, it was his two year mission serving in Thailand and then later his business ventures while living in China; along with his college experiences in Provo going to BYU.  It is rare to find amazing friends that have the same drive and passion for so many interests in our lives, but that is why Dallas has loved his friendship with James over the years.
I remember first meeting James back in the summer of 2009 when Dallas took me to Thailand for our anniversary.  I remember thinking how great it was to see Dallas get so excited to see someone.  He is usually so calm and collected, but when he got around James it was like a light went on and he became a little boy on Christmas morning.  Within seconds they were laughing and plotting their next great adventure.  It was all I could do to convince Dallas that renting a large sailboat that neither James or him knew how to maneuver, may not be the best idea.  I have to admit, though, that it's endearing that Dallas knows anything is possible if he and James are together.
Being so far away, we obviously don't get to see James very often.  And I'm sure Dallas wishes that his work life weren't so demanding so he could keep in better contact over the years.  Which is why, on that rare occasion, that they are reunited it is such a fun time.
While traveling home to Utah recently, James was able to have a quick lay-over in San Francisco and we couldn't have been more excited to see him and introduce him to our little guy!
James recently made a trip to Kenya and brought back Daxton a super cute shirt.  You can already tell from the pictures that Daxton's a fan of not only the new apparel, but meeting his fun Uncle James as well!

Daxton can't wait to hear all the crazy stories James has to share.  I remember thinking "There's no way all these stories are true!"  But I was put to shame when I met James and saw all the proof of such an interesting life.  Just ask Dallas about his camping trip on the Great Wall of China or the countless rock climbing and other adventures they've shared.
Dallas is lucky to have had such a great friend in his life!

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