Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Road Trip: Elk Sightings Along HWY 101

As we continued along the 101 south from Crescent City towards the Avenue of the Giants near Eureka, we saw several 'Elk Crossing' signs.  Both of us lived in Utah for several years where deer sightings and the need to watch closely while driving along the freeways were fairly common.  But driving along the coast with the ocean breeze on your face, you don't expect to see deer...let alone a herd of over 30 deer literally laying out along the beach!
We were able to watch for several minutes before the little guy needed to eat.  It was pretty amazing to see the ocean horizon in the back ground.  I am in love with Northern California!  When Daxton woke up to eat, we drove down the road a bit for more privacy, where there were some cool rock formations along the water.  It was pretty fun to introduce Daxton to the ocean.  He makes such funny facial expressions, I wish I could tell what he was thinking sometimes!

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