Monday, August 20, 2012

Love our Cousin Time

I realize I frequently post about my brother, Erik, and his family.  We have loved living so close to their family and spending so much time with them.  I feel so blessed to have family close; nieces and nephews I get to snuggle with and have fun adventures with; an amazing sister-in-law who's generosity and love seem endless; a brother who would bend over backwards to help us in anyway.
Easily, some of our favorite memories from our time living in the bay area include this family...and I'm sure that tradition will only continue with time.

This last week we were able to meet up with them a couple of times for dinner at Red Robin and also Sunday dinner at their house.  These were all images captured via my iPhone since it's gotten harder to carry around my actual DSLR with a baby in my arms.  There's always a special moment to capture with this crazy group of kids!

Sweet Ellis entertaining little Daxton with her silly faces.
 Crazy faces from everyone but sweet Olive who has mastered the art of sleeping through the craziness.
 Still not quite sure about things...
He's always so apprehensive!
An after dinner jump in the better way to cool down with 100 degree temperatures!
Cousins=Best Friends
Only three months apart and already acting like twins!
 Nothing could melt my heart more than seeing 'my' Will give hugs goodbye to "baby Daskin."

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