Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Road Trip: HWY 101

We made it into Crescent City a little after 8pm, and oddly enough saw pretty much the whole town within about 10 minutes.  Crescent City holds a little more than 7,000 people, roughly about the same size as the tiny country town where I was raised.  Since it is an east tourist stop along HWY 101, just south of the Oregon border, there were lots of little B&Bs and hotels for us to choose from.  We ended up getting a room with a massive jucuzzi bathtub for a super good deal.  The tub literally could hold 4 adults comfortably, so we ended up having a little Perkins pool party that evening.  Daxton is really loving the water.  It's so fun to see how excited, splashing his arms and legs about, while laughing with bright eyes.  I have to admit, there is nothing more sweet than feeling skin to skin with your little baby.  It reminded me of being in the hospital again with him in the NICU (wow, that feels like forever ago!)
Daxton, once again, did great in his port-a-crib.  He has been consistantly sleeping uninterupted from around midnight to 7-7:30 every night for the past month and he was able to keep the same sleep habits while we were away traveling, which was a HUGE blessing.  After sleeping in and enjoying a slow start to the day, we packed up and started down HWY 101 heading towards the famous Avenue of the Giants.  Wow, were we taken away during the drive!  We thought we had seen beauty the day before and it almost didn't compare to what we saw the next day.  Once again, thank you sweet Daxton, for being such a great travel buddy and sleeping in your car seat so well!  We spent literally the entire day driving and exploring the amazing coastline of Northern California.  We live in an amazing state!
Here are some of our favorite shots from the beginning portion of our drive...

Here are the shots I took through Instagram...

Did I mention I LOVE where we live!?

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