Friday, August 17, 2012

Hanging out at home

Looking back over different blog posts the past few months, we've been able to do a lot of fun things with our little guy.  But when it comes to the average day to day, we spend the majority around our little home, especially in the evenings when daddy has gotten home from a long day at work.  It's been so much fun to watch all the new things that Daxton is picking up.  It still makes me laugh how the littlest things are so huge to us parents and how we feel we need to document everything that happens!
So here are some things that have been going on lately...

Daxton has totally given up on his pacifier and is now on fingers...anyone's fingers, including his own.
It's pretty cute, but can tend to be a problem sometimes.
He loves his own fingers so much that he has gotten to the point where he will accidentally gag himself every once in awhile.  Then he's confused about what just happened and does it again.  Poor guy, who knew sucking on your fingers would be so hard!
The great thing about California is it's amazing weather.
With this comfortable weather we tend to get a lot of critters.  This summer has definitely been the summer of the spiders.  Luckily they are never large or scary, but they are annoying and sadly they still freak me out.  I'm sure Dallas is sick of hearing me scream for help only to find that I want him to kill another spider.  There was one week where we noticed several baby spiders near our window, within a few hours our bathroom and hallway ceilings were COVERED in hundreds of spiders and little webs.  It was disgusting!  Dallas went to town with the vacuum, but it took a few days before we finally stopped walking into dangling spiders.
When I saw this little shirt in Daxton's size I couldn't resist!
I lucked out by catching him at the right moment...looking just like a spider with those eyes!

 Daxton also LOVED the Olympics.
Every night we would watch a bit of the Olympics together and he fell in love with the swimming.  I'm pretty sure he loved watching the blue water and lights reflecting it...or maybe he just has a crush on Missy Franklin...there aren't too many years in between them!
Daxton would perch himself on my lap and lean up against the boppy.  It was pretty cute to see him so mesmerized by the blue water.

 Another exciting thing is that Daxton is loving to stand.  He of course needs help balancing, but he loves to work his little legs.  We thought it might be fun to get him a bouncer where he could start jumping and really work his legs.  Needless to say, it's a bit big for him yet.  The first try was not too successful and he couldn't even reach the floor with his toes.  We've made some adjustments since then (putting board games under his chair to stand on and putting some blankets behind his back to help sit up right more.)  He is not tolerating it and liking the opportunity to look out the sliding glass door on his own.  He'll grow into it, I'm sure!
 Working his leg muscles before bed time.
We also love his lobster pjs!
 Dallas has started a really cute tradition with little Daxton.
Everyday they find time to read together.
Daxton LOVES his story time with daddy.  He will coo along with Dallas' voice and will reach for the pictures.  It's quite cute and I have to admit that I may have gotten misty eyed on a few occasions.  I really lucked out with an amazing guy who wants to be a huge part in our little man's life.  I couldn't ask for anything more!
 Last, but not are a few adorable images I've gotten through instagram on my iPhone...
His new Hurley outfit from the Pereira family
We love it!
 Finding him during his naps having successfully worked out of his swaddle.  Gotta love that 'muscle' arm!

 Love the eye expressions we have captured.
I know I'm totally biased, but he is GORGEOUS!
 And of course, it wouldn't be a complete August without SHARK WEEK!!  I can't watch the shows about shark attacks (it freaks me out too much) but I love watching the documentaries about sharks in their natural habitats.  Daxton loved the beautiful blue water as well.  He's the cutest shark I've ever seen!


  1. omg.... I need to come visit SOOOOOOOONNN!!!

    1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I am missing my Tracy! Daxton would love some snuggle time as well :) I love you so much and LOVE reading your blog and all your adventures! I'm so glad you've had such a great summer. Love you! And come visit SOON :)


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