Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michelle's baby shower

 I swear we must all be drinking baby makin' water or something, because there are so many of my friends who are pregnant or just recently had babies.  In fact, in my ward alone, there will be almost ten new babies.  Oddly enough only 3 of those are boys!  I'm just excited Daxton will have so many fun friends to play with.

Last Saturday Jules and I hosted a baby shower for our good friend, Michelle.  I've had so many fun memories with Michelle over the past few months.  Last summer we spent day after day at Waterworld.  We've had Sunday dinners, play dates at the park, movie nights, games, and double dates.  We even joke about the fact that she's the reason I went into preterm labor.  We were driving back from a double date together and we were both sharing funny stories from our childhoods of being raised in small towns in central Washington.  I remember laughing at one of Michelle's stories when my water broke in the car.

I was so excited to find out that she is pregnant with her second child, this one being a girl.  Jules and I thought it would be fun to throw a baby shower for her, which was also a great excuse to plan a party :)
 Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was pretty excited about successfully making two diaper cakes for the party.  There was a fun turn out of girls and she was able to receive so many adorable clothes for her little girl. 
Jules is also pregnant, in fact their due dates are only a couple days apart, but her shower was a few days ago.  Being summer, several of us were not able to attend, so she opened some late gifts as well.
She's always trying to steal the thunder!  :) 
 I was so happy that Michelle loved her diaper cakes and the onsies I used for decorations.  It was nice to have the shower outside, since our apartments are all on the smaller size, but I wish we had grass to make the scenery a bit more pretty.  We had fun regardless though and people brought very yummy treats for us all.
 Matching bellies!
Michelle and Jules, both due within days of each other.  Who knows, maybe they'll even get to share a hospital room!
Some of our fun guests...

 Little baby Penelope
Showing off some great smiles!
 The Marshall girls: Penelope, Abby, and Adri
Best Buddies: Adri and Kayla
All such gorgeous girls!

 Little Adri
Gotta love all those curls!
 The lone brave boy in the group...little Constantine.
Such a happy little guy and I'm in love with the blonde curls.

 Absolutely gorgeous mother and daughter, Sarah and Leah.
September due dates
Ashley, Michelle, and Jules showing off their striped bellies.
They are all so beautiful while pregnant...not fair!
 We love you, Michelle.
We are all so happy for your, soon-to-be, little addition in your family.  Hope you had a fun day.  Thanks again for letting us help you celebrate this special occasion.
Love ya!

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  1. Seeing all these pictures just made me want to cry! I miss you and love you all!!!! SOOO much fun. We seriously miss our ward and VH buddies. Such a cute shower. Tell everyone hello from us!


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