Friday, August 31, 2012

Sleep Swimming

Last week Lisa and I got together again for a quick swimming adventure with our kiddos.  I previously posted about how GLAD I am that she has moved to the bay area and I continue to feel that way!  The first time we got together, they were staying in the city while they were looking for a more permanent housing location.  They settle on an adorable apartment in Dublin (about 20 minutes south of where we live in Pleasant Hill.)  Once they got settled, Daxton and I drove down to hang out for an afternoon of fun swimming in their pool.  Where they are staying is pretty neat and feels more like a resort/hotel than an apartment building.  They have a nice gym on their floor, pool, hot tub, and BBQ area.  I left thinking twice about where we live and contemplating a move in our future...we shall see!

I was super excited to take Daxton swimming.
A month ago I had gotten him an entire swim outfit, but ended up not being able to go to the pool much this summer with everything going on.  He looked pretty darn cute in his swim hat and rash guard!  He was not too pleased about having to wear a hat, but he quickly forgot about it once he was in the water.
The only down side to their pool is that it's not heated.  Luckily it is pretty warm on this side of the bay (usually in the 90's during the summer.)  Getting is was a bit shocking, but he didn't freak out at all.  At the beginning he got a little scared when I held him away from me for a few seconds, but once he was snuggled up close, he absolutely loved the water.
 Lisa was such a sweetheart and jumped out of the pool to snap a few pictures of my little guy.  Maddie was great about it, too, needing only a set of keys to keep her happy on a lawn chair while we smiled for the camera.  She's such a happy, great girl!  We ended up chatting and playing in the pool for over an hour.  Daxton even ended up falling asleep for his nap while swimming.  It was so wonderful to be able to snuggle with him again!  If I had my way, I would live at the pool, laying out in the sun all day.
 When Maddie was ready for her nap, we hopped out and headed back up to their apartment.  It was such a nice afternoon.  I love having Lisa close and being able to talk with her about anything and everything.  I can't believe it's already been ten years since we lived in New Zealand together...the years have flown by!
 Daxton woke up from his nap as I was warming him up in his little swim robe.  I think I may have a water baby on my hands, because he definitely LOVED the pool!
Thanks again, Lisa, for the fun afternoon.  Can't wait til our next adventure!

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