Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Road Trip: Crater Lake

This summer has been so much fun and packed with adventures.
At the end of July we had an Adams Family Reunion in Sun River Oregon.  It was the first time all six siblings had been together as a family for over four years.  It was an incredible week with 24 crazy Adams members all in one lodge.  Since there were so many amazing pictures taken during those crazy few days, I thought it would be easier to blog about our road trip home first.
The reunion ended on a Thursday morning, so we decided to take our time driving home to see the redwoods of Northern California.  Our first stop was only an hour and a half southwest of Sun River; Crater Lake. 
A couple years ago, we visited Crater Lake as a family, which I already blogged about here.  Because I have already given the history and interesting facts about Crater Lake, I'm simply going to show you some of the gorgeous shots we got from our brief visit...

 On our drive around the rim we stopped several times to snap some pictures.  I loved watching this little chipmunk.  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed posing for the camera...perfect placement!
 When we got to the main visitor's center, our little guy was hungry.  I've become quite experienced with breast feeding in our car.  I'm sure those walking by that happen to glance our direction probably get more than they want to see, but our little guy has got to eat!  It's been fun, though, because I'll give the camera to Dallas and he'll go wander and come back with the most amazing pictures.  I swear that man has more talent than anyone I know!  He took the Photo of the Week 45 and also the pictures below.
  After Daxton was done eating, we got out to explore a bit.  He has a bit of 'diva' in him and does not like the sun shining on his face at all, so in a few of these pictures his facial expressions are pretty classic.

Our little superman!
 Loving the furrowed brows.
 By far my favorite photo sequence... gotta love the drool!

 That drool line was totally real!  No photoshop at all.  I wish we would have gotten the chance to measure it.  It was pretty amazing and made his daddy quite proud!

Daxton can be quite the nuzzler.  Usually I love it, but when he's covered in drool it can be quite interesting!  I'll never turn down his kisses though.

 Not liking the sun in his face!

Daxton did such a great job on our road trip.  He slept well in his car seat, woke up to eat, cooed and giggled in the back seat.  We couldn't have asked for a better baby!

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