Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maren and Julie visit: Painted Ladies

Oddly enough, in my four years living in the bay area and the countless tours I've given to visiting friends and family, I had never been to the famous "Painted Ladies."  These houses, made famous for the iconic location of the classic sitcom 'Full House,' are located across the street from Alamo Square.  Obviously no filming ever occurred inside the houses, but images of them were shown in the beginning credits of each episode for all its 8 seasons (close to 200 episodes.)  It was pretty funny to see all the tourists taking pictures outside these homes, us included.  There were even a few European bikers riding up and down the street calling for "Uncle Jesse."  It was pretty amazing!
We timed it perfectly that when we arrived at the park it would coincide with Daxton's eating time, so most of these pictures were taken by Julie.  (Great job by the way!  They turned out wonderfully!)  Obviously you can tell that Maren and Julie had some fun while they were waiting for little Daxton to finish eating...
 Maren got a few 'cat calls' through out the day, which are totally inappropriate to repeat, but who can blame them?  "Amazon!..."

 Julie got some great family pictures for us.  At this point we had woken Daxton up from the tail end of his nap, the sun was shining on his face, and he was hungry.  Therefore, no smiles for the camera, but he wasn't crying so I can't complain!

The rest of the pictures were taken by Julie on her and Maren's walk through the park.  There are some classic ones of Maren of course, but I also love the different shots Julie got of the city.  You can tell she has an artist's eye.

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