Friday, August 31, 2012

Rulon's 8th Birthday

A couple weeks ago my little nephew, Rulon, turned 8 years old.  It's weird to think that he was only 3 when Dallas and I met and later got married.  There are so many funny stories involving little Rulon.  He has the most amazing personality and constantly shocks us with the interesting perspective he has on so many things.  As silly as he is, he is also one of the most sweet and sensitive little guys (although you could never mention that to him!)  We have LOVED living so close and being able to watch him grow through the years.  We are especially excited for this birthday, since he has chosen to be baptized in a couple weeks!  (If you'd like to learn more about our beliefs and why children in our church wait until 8 to be baptized click on this link.)

For Rulon's birthday, we were invited over for a fun family dinner and party.  We thought it would be funny to sneak in a silly present before we gave him his real one.  Rulon is very much a boys boy.  He hates anything 'girly' so when we found pink wrapping paper in our closet covered in flowers, we thought it'd be pretty funny to wrap a present in it.  We ended up searching our house and finding an old can of peas that Daxton smiled at.  Dallas wrapped it up super tight and then covered it head to toe in tape.  It was quite the ordeal trying to open it.  We ended up video taping his reaction which was pretty funny since we said Daxton picked it all out.  It turned out that he was so super sweet about it; making big smiles and telling Daxton how much he loved the peas and thanking him for them.  Daxton of course just sat there and drooled all over him during the whole process.  It was a pretty funny exchange!  I love Rulon's face in the bottom right picture :)

 After opening his peas, we gave him his real present.  You can see from his reaction he was pretty excited about the new lego set.  It was fun to see him start the process of putting together each intricate step.  It reminded me of watching my brothers doing the very same thing when we were all kids.

Giving hugs, kisses, and thanks for the birthday presents.
 Daxton found the wrapping paper to be quite interesting...but not as tasty as his hands.  He liked you to krinkle the paper, but never tried to put it in his mouth.  His fingers must taste like chocolate or something!
 After dinner we went outside to play on in their back yard.  We are REALLY missing grass.  What I wouldn't give for a nice yard with gorgeous green grass!  It was such a beautiful evening and we loved playing with our little guy and his pantless legs.
 More chewing on his fingers...
 Airplane rides with daddy...
 Sitting in grass for the first time...
 Upset about sitting in grass for the first time...
 The most amazingly yummy thighs ever!

 We are so in love with this gorgeous boy!
 Will continues to be so sweet with little Daxton.
I was nervous about how he would react when Daxton was born, but it hasn't fazed him at all.  Will's still just as confident and never questions my love for him...probably because I still attack him with kisses every chance I can!  I can't wait to see these two in action in a year or two...lots of trouble?
 I was having a mommy moment.
I feel so unbelievably blessed.
 After playing outside for awhile, we came back in for cake and ice cream.  I wish I would have captured it, but the funniest part of the evening was when we were singing the happy birthday song to Will leaned over and blew out Rulon's candles, which was not well received!  We ended up singing the song again and holding Will far enough away from the candles so Rulon could make a wish.
I sure do love this crazy little family!
Happy birthday, Rulon!
We love you so much and are so excited for you!
Thanks for letting us help celebrate this special day with you.

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