Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Engagement Weekend

Dallas and I met and fell in love pretty quick for societies standards.  We met in October and pretty much knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together by mid December.  I remember being so worried about what people would think if we got engaged after only knowing each other for 3 months.  I even told Dallas that I didn't want him to propose until the end of April, just so it would look better to the rest of the world.  This resolve quickly died the minute Christmas rolled around, then the beginning of January, end of the time February hit I was practically begging for Dallas to propose.  There was just something wrong with trying to make wedding preparations without an engagement ring on my finger, almost like it wasn't real.  
The first weekend of February Dallas flew me out for the weekend.  For some reason I had a feeling like this might be the 'big' weekend; the weekend he was going to ask me for my hand in marriage.  We had already looked at rings and I was pretty sure he had gotten it sized.  I wasn't sure when or how he was going to ask, but I just knew it was going to be this weekend.
We started that overcast Saturday morning by driving north to Stinson Beach.  Living in the land locked state of Utah, I craved any glimpse of the ocean I could get, even if it was absolutely freezing.  When we arrived it began to lightly sprinkle rain, but that couldn't deter me from playing on the beach.  After piling layer upon layer of Dallas's extra clothes he had in his trunk we went to play among the waves. 
 At this point Dallas knew that I was expecting a proposal and where better to propose than at the ocean, right??  Well Dallas knew that I would be expecting that, so needless to say he had a VERY fun day full of teasing and getting my hopes up.  I don't even remember how many times he pretended to get on one knee (to tie his shoe, pick up a shell, find something in his pocket, look closely in the sand, etc, etc) and each time I thought for sure this was when he was going to ask the big question.  After a morning of let downs it was time to start heading home and he still had not proposed.  I was NOT a happy camper and the whole time he was laughing on the inside.  Even then he liked to push my buttons!
 Our drive home from Stinson turned out to be quite the ordeal.  We were already extremely wet and cold with the light drizzle turning into a down pour.  Usually this would be totally fine, but not with Dallas' car.  His little Ford Escort had recently been broken into and his stereo stolen.  Since the stereo consul also included the air conditioner and heating controls we were in big trouble.  Unable to use the defog, we had to drive the entire hour and a half back from Stinson beach with the windows partly the middle of a rain storm!  We quickly went from being damp to drenched in a matter of minutes and with no way to get warm my body started to go into mild hypothermia.  It was quite the adventure and Dallas felt horrible by the time we finally got back to his apartment.  We both hopped in separate showers with his roommate in charge of checking on me to make sure I was alive (which meant yelling through the door several times until I responded.)  It was quite the experience!
When we finally warmed ourselves up, we borrowed his roommates car and drove up to Sacramento to meet up with some great friends from college.  They all lived in my Dev ward I've talked so frequently about and I was so excited to introduce them all to Dallas.  Throughout the evening we all took turns giving Dallas a hard time about having not proposed yet.  Little did I know he had plans in the making...

Kyle, Tess, and their gorgeous little boy, Alex. 
 Jackie and Jill with Jill's little girl, Abby.

By the time we drove back to Dallas' apartment it was close to midnight and he had still not proposed.  I had given up on the idea and exhaustion from the packed day had already set in.  As we walked into his apartment I slowly started to notice certain things missing.  Some of the furniture had been moved, candles were lit, apple cider and glass flutes were on the table.  I turned around and noticed one of his walls covered with the Sydney opera house and immediately froze.
When I was teaching in New Zealand, I was able to travel over to Australia for a time.  I fell in love with Sydney Harbor.  I remember standing on the Sydney Opera house stairs declaring to all my friends that some day I would get proposed to right at that exact spot.  Several picture were taken to document the occasion.  I of course told my mom all about my dream, where she proceeded to laugh at my ridiculous fantasy.  Somehow Dallas found out about this story and my dream of being proposed to on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
 I wish I could remember what he said, I'm sure it was very sweet.  All I can remember is how happy I felt, no tears, just complete joy knowing I was going to spend the rest of eternity with this man in front of me.  He was, is, and continues to be the most amazing blessing in my life.  It has been an incredible four years together and I count myself so truly lucky to be married to my best friend.
I love ya, babe!

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